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Steel pendant in the shape of a torpedo w/ a ring at the top, so that it could be worn on a chain; tiny screw in the bottom of the pendant. The pendant was made at the Torpedo Station on Goat Islan...

#95.33.1: Metal crucifix sewn to white cardboard folder of prayers. Letter attached to the bottom reading: "Received this crucifix when I was serving at the front in Belgium during World War One in...

Diamond shaped pendant, tabs stick out on the side, four heart shaped spaces with a cross in the center and an elaborate background.

Black pendant, four triangles facing inward and meeting at a circle in the center.

Gold heart shaped pendant with a crystal or rhinestone in the center. The heart is made of flower shapes.

Pendant in the shape of a cross with gold in the center. Black beads around the arms of the cross.

Gold pendant with a large loop at the top and a semi-circle with five small gold charms hanging from it.

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