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Commemorative pin for the Fete and Harbor Illumination in Newport, RI. Pin features a sailboat on the water.

Red, white and blue horizontally striped round pins. 2000.7.37.1 reads 'Ike Needs Ewing'. 2000.7.37.2 reads 'Ike, Dick, They're For You'.

Campaign pin for William Henry Vanderbilt III's run for Rhode Island governor in 1938.The pin has a white background with a headshot in the middle and red lettering around the outside edge which re...

A pair of small rectangular pins with a chevron designs on their surface, possibly from Blaine's, a jewler on Thames Street. Referred to as a "baby pins" by donor. One pin has a broken back (piece ...

Small pin with the letters "RHS" standing atop a blue inverted triangle containing the number "14." Engraved on back: "14k."

Small blue and gold pin. The shape is that of a crescent and a shield. Written in the crescent shape is "Coddington," and in the shield is the number "10."

Small red and gold pin. The name "Calvert" is on a gold banner that drapes over a red enamel background. The number "0" is at the top of the pin and "9" is at the bottom.

Gold stick pin with an aquamarine set in a delicate leaf border at the top.

Pin shaped like a crescent moon with the number "22" etched. No maker's mark present.

Pin in the shape of a crown covered in rhinestones.

Small gold pin with a column down the center, shield with a human figure, ivy along the side of the shield. "O' "II" on either side of the sheild and "Ares" written across the bottom back of pin. "...

Flower shaped pin with a circle in the center made of foil.

Round metal pin. Rim is red; written in blue on a white background in the center of the pin is '12/ us 27'. Button is for America's Cup Trials.

Six "Let's Go" pins. 2000.7.36. 1-.2 are "Let's Go Archambault" .3 is "Let's Go Brower" .4 is "Let's Go Cioci" .5 is "Let's Go MacCaughey" .6 is "Let's Go Temkin"

Carved wooden pin depicting Mac Arthur's face in profile, flanked by two American flags; Mac Arthur wears a tan hat with a black band and visor. Three numbers written in ink on his collar; they app...

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