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July 2 1914

A letter written by Alva E. Belmont to Maud Howe Elliott in 1914, thanking Elliott for her support of a women's suffrage conference to be held at Marble House the following week. Letter is dated "J...

A letter written by Rhode Island Governor Ambrose Burnside to Malcolm Townsend, Esq. of New York. Gov. Ambrose thanks Mr. Townsend for an unspecified "collection" that assists "...the men who led o...

December 4 1855

A letter written to David Olyphant King from Mongkut, King of Siam. Letter is dated "4th December 1855," and was sent from the "Royal grand palace" in "Bangkok". Two red stamps are found at top lef...

March 21 1842

A letter written by Thomas Dorr in Providence to Dutee Pearce in Newport at the time of the Dorr Rebellion. Dorr refers to a statewide vote to accept or reject "..the Tory Constitution"; he details...

Letter to R.M. Johnson from Nicholas Boss responding to Johnson inquiry about a gallows which stood on Easton's Beach.

October 16 1821

Letter written by Newport Gardner to "Sarah Burk to the care of Mrs. Gardner Ladd, Alexandria." In the letter, Gardner grieves for the recent loss of his wife, Limas, and grandson, Solomon. He reco...

Letter written by Tim Prout to his mother in-law Sarah (Thurston) Turner in November of 1793. Prout writes that he has married her daughter Susanna “Susey” on August 8, after ten days of acquaintan...

August 17 1792

April 11 1791

Letter from Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, to William Ellery, Collector of Customs for Newport, dated April 11, 1791, regarding payment of drawbacks.

June 26 1788

Letter from Benjamin Huntington in Norwich, CT to William Ellery in Newport, RI, dated June 26, 1788. Huntington was a Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress. The letter mostly regards ba...

November 28 1773

A letter written from Captain Peleg Clarke (1734-1803) to John Fletcher, his financial agent in London. Clarke describes the events surrounding the Boston Tea Party on the night of November 27, 177...

Letter written by Emilie Ruecker Mrs. Snell describing vandalism and disturbance to a nest of "fish hawks" or osprey by a group of young boys that is causing her to "not have apeaceful frame of min...

Letter written to Oliver E. Taber from R.W. James. Single folded page. Evidence of remains of a wax seal on reverse.

A copy of a letter, possibly on photographic albumen paper, from William T. Sherman to the Governor of Louisiana, Thomas O. Moore. In the letter, Sherman states his allegiance to the United States,...

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