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Eight ribbons from the Daughters of the American Revolution, YMCA, and Welcome Home Newport. Ribbons were pasted into an album at some point with 61.5. Two items appear to be missing from gift.

Urn, Beverage
1848 – 1898

Urn, silver plated, sturdy handles on each side, footed. Incised "filtered/pure rain/water" over spigot on one side, "Ocean House" on the other. Domed lid has no handle. Maker's mark on bottom: "MF...

Framed photograph of J.P. Newell. Subject is wearing a coat with two sets of buttons. His left hand rests upon his hip. A slip of paper inside the frame reads, "JP Newell/ c. 1830-1898". On the rev...

Solid gold toothpicks. Has tiny etchings and ring, point slides.

Solid gold mechanical pencil. 2 slides have tiny etchings; 3 sides have floral design; 1 side has the slide; diamond-like stone.

Solid gold mechanical pencil. Slides and tip engraved with floral designs and swirls, yellow stone.

Pewter lamp with round base, turned stick, and egg shaped oil and wick receptacle; hole in top for wick; wick receptacle has tiny grooves around its outside. Marked on bottom of base "R. Gleason", ...

Gold thimble w/ eight panels, four are plain, one of which has the name 'Alice Cornell' engraved on it; other four panels all have different engraved floral designs; rim around the bottom is plain.

Small oval gold brooch. Outside rim is plain, inside the rim is beading and then a clear covering over the hair. Initials 'R.M.' on back of pin.

Small oblong pin/brooch. The gold border is a frame and the hair is underneath a beveled top; hair is in a basket weave pattern. '41' is on gold backing.

Hair bracelet woven in the chevron pattern in the center, outside edges are whipped; gold clasp is in three sections. Initials M.A.B. on back of clasp.

Hair bracelet w/ a gold clasp; hair is woven in the chevron pattern in the center w/ whipped edges. The initials M.A.B. are engraved on the center and back of clasp.

Solid gold toothpicks. A: has swirls, no ring, point slides up. B: has tiny etchings and ring, point slides.

Solid gold mechanical pencil. 6 sided, with tiny etchings on each side, ornate tip with amethyst, point and ring both slide.

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