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Coffee Urn
1784 – 1785

Coffee urn with two handles and ivory spigot. Neoclassical style: urn-shaped body; urn-shaped finial; bright-cut engraving; beaded moldings. Engraved "CMC" (in script). Made in London, England.

Minitature painting of Mrs. Christopher Grant Champlin (1772-1847) in three-quarter profile, facing left. Blue eyes, reddish-brown hair rolled high and back from face, covered with a draping white ...

Three quarter profile of Christopher Grant Champlin (1768-1840). Facing right, brown eyes, powdered hair, wearing white shirt with frills, brown waist coat.

1750 – 1775

Tankard with engraved initials: "DAS" on handle; applied band around body; scrolled thumbpiece; stepped, domed lid with large finial; spout added. Marked with "BG" enclosed in a square on body, lid...

Miniature painting of Peggy Champlin facing left, brown eyes, powdered hair, rolled high, brown curls falling over shoulders; white gauze gown trimmed with blue; gauze scarf around neck. Greenish b...

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