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Piece of black lace.

before 1949

A linen-type postcard of Fort Adams and its outbuildings, looking across Brenton Cove. A note to "Clifford Dubois II" from "Daddy" is written in pencil on reverse. Postcard is postmarked April 22, ...

before 1949

Linen-type postcard featuring the Seamen's Church Institute. Reverse has a handwritten note and is postmarked, April 28, 1949.

before 1949

A linen-type postcard of Chetwode, the "Residence of John Jacob Astor." Reverse is postmarked April 28, 1949.

before 1941

Buttonhook, metal, shaped like an axe; stamped on ax-head is word "Seabury", and on the blade the words "Boots and Shoes". An oval opening at the end of he handle is the buttonhook itself.

A matted photograph depicting the First Congregational Church as seen from the corner of Mill and Division Streets. Photograph was taken when the church building functioned as Burlingham's Auction ...

A photograph of stairs and railings from a second floor hall at the Hunter House. A religious statue is visible on a landing at center; photograph was most likely taken when the house served as a c...

A photograph of the interior of Trinity Church, looking towards the pulpit and altar. Low chandeliers are visible above the center aisle. A note handwritten on reverse reads: "K. Covell neg/Purchas...

Black and white photo of midshipman Stephen B. Luce in uniform, wearing wide brimmed hat, anchors on lapel, brass buttons. Painted gold wooden frame. Attached tag reads "Midshipman/ Stephen B. Luce...

Photograph of two young women riding in the back of a car as part of a parade procession. The Red and White Supermarket of Broadway is visible in the background.

Photograph of four men dressed in suits marching as part of a parade procession. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of carriages and wagons (drawn by horses and a burro) in a parade procession. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph on men in period military uniforms marching as part of a parade procession. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of a man driving an antique car, probably as part of a parade procession. A woman holding a fringed umbrella or parasol can be seen sitting in the vehicle at right. Photo was most likel...

Photograph of a parade procession (most likely on Broadway) featuring antique automobiles.

Photograph of a parade procession, featuring an automobile or truck masqueraded to look like a locomotive. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of a parade, featuring three men in suits. One is carrying a sign that reads, "FOR GOOD CLEAN HONEST PROGRESSIVE GOV'T VOTE REPUBLICAN." Behind them is a man riding a penny-farthing bicy...

Photograph of a parade procession, most likely on Broadway. A young woman wearing a white dress and carrying a baton leads a percussion band.

Photograph of a parade, featuring an antique fire engine with two men dressed in firefighter gear. Photo was most likely taken on Broadway.

Photograph of a vehicle in a parade marked "COAL." Its passengers include two men in a top hat and a bowler, as well as at least two women carrying umbrellas or parasols. Photo was most likely tak...

A photograph depicting Beach Cliffe in an abandoned state, with tall vegetation growing throughout.

A glass plate negative of the Vladimir Behr house, "Vladania," on Bellevue Avenue (near corner of Rovensky Avenue). Note on sleeve states: "west side, not far from land on which Belcourt stands."

Print, Photographic
August 26 1949

Interior of Hamilton Hoppin House, Middletown.

A group photograph taken at the twenty-fifth reunion of Rogers High School's Class of 1928. Identified people include the following: Gwen Dawley (back row-2), Carroll Coggeshall

Purple ribbon attached to a pin depicting two American flags. In gold lettering on the ribbon is the words 'Participant, Track-field Meet, Freeboby Stadium, Newport, RI. July 4, 1949'.

July 1949 issue of Holiday magazine from Wisconsin. Cover image is of several vacation goers having fun by a lake house by Richard E. Howard. Article on page 98 discusses Newport, Rhode Island as a...

June 1949

A framed watercolor painting of The Reef by Mary Kosowski. Signature on painting reads: "RI/June1949/NEWPORT/OCEAN DRIVE/M.KOSOWSKI."

Black and white photograph of children sitting on the steps of Mount Olivet Baptist Church. Adults are standing at top.

A photograph of the exterior of Belcourt (1891-1894). Architectural features include a half-timbered exterior, french doors with arched windows, a mansard roof, dormers, an archway, and a gallery w...

A Christmas postcard depicting two women and a young boy on an outdoor patio (possibly Anne and Elsie Vanderbilt with William H. Vanderbilt, Jr.). Sent from William and Anne Vanderbilt to Mr. and ...

January 13 1948

An envelope from Kays Newport, Suite 2010 Inductrial Trust Bldg, Providence 1, RI addressed to Mrs. E. Lorillard, Ogeegankee, Newport, RI. It is postmarked, January 13, 1948, 6PM.

circa 1948

Copy of map of excavations from William S. Godfrey's work at the Newport Tower.

circa 1948

Multiple maps of excavations from William S. Godfrey's work at the Newport Tower.

A photograph of the southeastern (ocean-facing) facade at The Breakers. Vines are seen growing on the exterior at left; groups of trees are located to the left and right. Photo has a stamp of "SEP ...

A photograph of a mantelpiece at the Christopher Fowler House (29 Mary Street). The mantelpiece's surround is comprised of a carved swag design along its top edge bordered by two carved urns; decor...

A photograph depicting Buena Vista (now Old Beach Road) looking towards Easton Pond. The wall of the Dalewell Estate is visible at left; Eustis Avenue is visible at the bottom of the hill.

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