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Wood box covered with animal skin, perhaps calfskin, held in place with nailed leather straps. There is a handle on the top of the box, and a locking clasp at the front. The interior of the box is ...

Long format, five alphabet sequences, two number sequences, one verse, mounting strings remain. Stitches used: cross and queen. Verse reads, "No radiant pearl which crested fortune wears no gem tha...

Bronze moreen lined infant's shoes with white homespun wool. Bound with pink silk. Excessively small. Would fit a doll.

Ship's log
1829 – 1832

Log book for the ship "Hope" by the whaler, Joseph Paddock, Jr.

Infant's cap with eyelet design with floral embroidery. Flowers made of net material. Floral design in center of back of cap. Worked by Esther M. Thurston Pitman for her daughter Harriet E. Pitman ...

The half shell is brown and white. The silver lid has a scalloped edge along the shell. Box is egg shaped. Lid has decorative etchings along the edges.

circa 1828

Object is a presentation sword with scabbard. Handle of sword is carved ivory; blade appears to be blue with gold designs on both sides. Scabbard is gold and is decorated on one side with an eagle,...

Four alphabet sequences, stylized border. Stitches used: cross, queen, Irish. Made with silk thread on linen. Sampler reads, "Susan Jane Robinson born March 12th 1818 aged 10 Yrs 1828."

White satin wedding dress. Low neck, puff sleeves. Collar of plain bound scallops. Worn by Emily Pitman at her marriage to Simon Newton in 1827.

Map of the East Passage (Narragansett Bay) and surrounding area, including Conanicut Island, Newport, Dutch Island, and Rose Island. From "American Coast Pilot," 11th edition, 1827, page 92.

Plate, Cup
circa 1826

Clear glass cup plate 3 3/4" in diameter; 1/2" ribbed border. Center of plate is smooth with ribs underneath and forming a circle in the center. Hand written note found with plate reads 'Great Gran...

1826 – 1850

Black satin front. Brown linen back with buckle. Six small black buttons on lower front, three pockets.

Silhouette of Seth Hope Dean. Light colored paper cut out over black; facing left. Wearing small tie; tarnished gold frame on wood. Written across bottom of silhouette: "Seth H. Dean". On back: "Se...

Two samplers framed together, six alphabet sequences, two number sequences, flowers along right hand side. Completed by Sarah Allan at age 7 (1819-1968), Elizabeth Allan at age 8 (1818-1830), daugh...

Four alphabet sequences, two number sequences, one verse. Incomplete queen stitch border. Stitches: cross and queen. Made in Newport, RI. See: Bolton & Coe, p. 159.

circa 1825

A small silver ladle with R.W. James engraved on handle.

Biscuit marker with round wooden base with handle; many metal points on bottom.

circa 1825

Doll with wooden head and body. Painted black hair with wisps on forehead with a brown comb at crown. Painted black dots for eyes, molded nose and red line for mouth. Left arm stuffed with cloth. D...

circa 1825

Comb cleaner with carved ivory handle has two holes in top, horse hair bristles attached to base of handle. Made of bone, possibly whale, and horsehair.

circa 1825

Empire-style sofa with carved feet; faded silk damask upholstery; seat rail continues to form arms at either end. Probably made in America.

Bust (figure)
circa 1825

Bust of Gilbert Stuart. Short, brushed back hair; dominant nose, mouth hangs into slight frown; wrap across chest; "life mark".

Portrait of Samuel Fales Hazard, U.S.N. Male with brown hair, parted on side, hazel eyes, full beard. Wearing naval uniform; navy blue with gold buttons, gold epaulets and stand-up collar with gold...

Embroidery picture contained in original eglomise frame. Black and white, much in-painting in grey tones. Sarah Cookson Deblois ran a children's school c 1820-1835. She was baptized May 1, 1794, an...

Four alphabet sequences, house and trees, one border. Made of silk thread on linen.

Two cross stitched alphabet sequences, good color, one border. Signed with the initials, M.A.G.

Lemon squeezer comprised of two hinged, flat pieces of wood with handles; one has a hollow with holes, the other has a raised mound to fit into the hollow.

circa 1825

Whale's tooth inscribed with woman seated, holding bonnet on lap, (appears to be from Godey print) full rigged sailing ship on reverse side.

Sleeve hoops in white cotton with reed or rattan hoops used to extend puff sleeves.

1825 – 1845

Portion of patchwork, "Jobs Trouble" printed cotton. Design includes US Eagle and a general in uniform with a border of stars.

Embroidered belt for ladies dress. Neutral or yellowed with embroidered colored silks. Linen gauze lined with linen. Bound brown ribbon embroidered with flowers in colored silks.

1825 – 1827

Flared handle, three sets of double incised lines around middle and bottom of pot. Handle painted black. Lid has a wooden ball on it.

Case, Needle
1825 – 1850

Knitting needle sheath has three cylinders to hold tops of needles, pierced design around edges. Stuart Frank 11/04/2009: Needle case made of whale ivory; not a knitting needle sheath as previous...

74.3.2 AB
1825 – 1865

Two candle holders of silver Earthenware (Lusterware) with a square base and copper-like holders.

Card Table
1825 – 1850

Mahogany fold-top card table on lyre-shaped pedestal; platform base has four scroll-shaped feet with acanthus leaves and paw feet; carved flowers on corners of apron and side of base.

1825 – 1850

Small cup with handle. Engraved initials "MVT" (in script). Grapes and vine motif is worked in reposse with chasing. Foot rim is in Greek meander design. Marked with Several symbols and "coin", "a"...

1825 – 1840

Cup with small barrel-shaped cup with rolled rim molding. Engraved scene: female figure with anchor in front of harbor. Engraved initials: "CDW" (in script). Marked with "BOWLER & ASPINWALL" wi...

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