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91.14.5 AB
before 1807

Pencil and watercolor drawing of hit of Sarah Obadiah, near New Bedford, MA. Supposedly done with aid of camera obscura. Front of the drawing reads, "Hut of Sarah Obadiah, an aged Indian. Near New ...

before 1800

A single baby's leather shoe in poor condition; very old and brittle. Four holes at toe, instep strap is torn, sticthing on side of shoe is unravelling. Piece of paper found with shoe reads 'shoe f...

Price list
November 11 1809

Document listing the rates of medical charges agreed on by subscribers in Newport, listed on the back as Jon. Easton, Tho. Waring, Enoch Hazard, William Turner, and David King. The document is date...

1809 – 1819

Small serving spoon with coffin-end handle with engraved initials "EW" (in script). Belonged to Elizabeth Gladding White. Marked with "I.A. SHAW" in a wavy rectangle.

Model of Old Stone Boathouse located on the cliffs Ledge Road, c. 1808. Gray wooden house.

circa 1808

Envelope containing fishing line. Paper envelope is from J.M.K. Southwick of Newport, ri. Printed on front of envelope: " J.M.K. Southwick,/House Furnishing Goods,/Sportsmen's Goods,/Powder, Shot, ...

A voting ticket for the selection of Rhode Island Electoral College electors. Title reads: "True AMERICAN TICKET./No Foriegn Influence.-No Embargo.-No Land Tax." The year "1808" is handwritten on r...

Two monuments, a woman dressed in black, a church in the background, two crossed trees and a weeping willow tree. Ref: Richard Lebanon Bowen, "The Scott Family Needlework", Ri History, (Jan. 1943),...

December 28 1807

Elaborately carved miniature wooden swift constructed in blown bottle so that it can turn. Inscription printed on paper and pasted on sides of square shaft, 'Made In Newport By Samuel Melville For ...

circa 1807

This is a map of Aquidneck Island, as well as Mount Hope Bay and the surrounding area.It shows the position of the American and British armies at the Siege of Newport and the subsequent action on t...

circa 1807

Silver, monogrammed "M.W./H., and dated 1807". Descended in Hadwen-Williams family, attributed by them to W. Hadwen, but more likely made by Hookey. Gift to Margaret Williams Carman from her mother...

Portrait of Mrs. William Tilley, nee Katherine Metcalf (1744-1817). Bust protrait facing the right; wearing white bonnet which ties under the chin; also wearing maroon dress with a white small drap...

Portrait of William Tilley (1738-1825). Bust portrait; turned slightly to the left, white collar, black vest, maroon jacket; steren looking, double chin; slightly bald.

This volume contains the meeting minutes of the African Benevolent Society from 1807 to 1824. The opening entry, dated December 21, 1807, is a copy of the organization’s constitution that outlines ...

An engraved map entitled: "A Map of Part of Rhode Island Shewing the Positions of the American and British Armies at the Siege of Newport, and the subsequent Action on the 29th of August 1778." Dra...

A printed document listing candidates for Rhode Island political offices, 1806. Offices include governor, lieutentant governor, senator, secretary, attorney general, and general treasurer. Text is ...

A prox listing Democratic-Republican Party candidates for Rhode Island political offices, including governor, lieutenant governor, senator, attorney general, and general treasurer. Text is surronde...

Needlework sampler with blue house in center, bird resting on roof. House flanked by trees. Male and female figures standing by a tree. Queen's stitch flowers and strawberries around boarder. Text ...

Marriage certificate
November 14 1805

Marriage certificate for Asa Sherman and Elizabeth Mitchell, signed by witnesses at the Great Friends Meeting House, dated 1805. Watermarked 1804. back is signed by Rowse Taylor, Recorder.

Three alphabet sequences, two number sequences, floral border, blue house.

circa 1805

Wooden pattern for cutting glove fabric or leather. Pattern is symmetrical with three fingers on each side and a wider rectangle in the center which, when the pattern is folded and sewn, would be ...

Small booklet bound with cotton thread. Almanac for state of Rhode Island in 1805.

Framed paper silhouettes of Mr. and Mrs. Hadwen. Inside frame is a newspaper clipping of John Hawden's obituary. The silhouettes are in reverse; they are cut outs on a black background.

White muslin fabric of squareTagged, "Grandmother Mercy's wedding gown, 1804"

Shows two-masted sailing ship, has American flag with 15 stars at stern, navy blue flag with 15 stars at top of front mast; several ships in the background; brown, murky water, gray-blue sky; matte...

1804 – 1924

Metal ramrod with puffy top from the Constitution, USN 1804-1924

Volume II of "The Mother's Remarks on a Set of Cuts for Children," including words and text that correspond to separate illustrations for children (see, for example, FIC.2013.43.1). Book has a marb...

A page of printed lowercase letters included with "The Mother's Remarks on a Set of Cuts for Children." Instruction along top edge reads: "For Cutting into Single Letters."

Page LIV of visual materials included with "The Mother's Remarks on a Set of Cuts for Children." Images include several scenes, including "Rocking Boat," "Balancing," "Swinging," Jumping Rope," "Dr...

Page L of visual materials included with "The Mother's Remarks on a Set of Cuts for Children." Images include a flamingo, a monastery, a casowary, periwinkle, a cameleopard (giraffe), and a carnation.

Page XXXII of visual materials included with "The Mother's Remarks on a Set of Cuts for Children." Images include currants, a hot air balloon, acorns, a shovel, a windmill, and tea tongs.

A set of two books and accompanying visual materials (54 pages), intended as a literacy tool or game to be used by mothers in the education of their children. Four sets of letters (uppercase, lower...

Tongs, Serving
1803 – 1804

Tongs of neo-classical style; bright-cut engraving. engraved initials "JAS" (in script). symbols enclosed in individual squares: "T.D.", "H", a saddle and a head.

Brass engraving plate, mirror image. "Holmes Weaver, Cabinet And Chair-Maker, No. Meeting Street, Newport". All surrounded by oval design. Under oval: "H. Barber, Sculpt." above name is oxbow shape...

Tobacco box with oval-shaped, neoclassical style, bright-cut engraved urns, cartouches, and hearts. Marked with engraved initials "AM" (in script), very worn, on lid. Also, "I" (enclosed in a circl...

1802 – 1819

Tablespoon with engraved initials: "ASD" is script on handle. "I.A. SHAW" enclosed in a wavy line on handle. Belonged to Aaron Fisher Dyer.

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