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August 7 1708

Deed for land sold between John Woodman of Little Compton and Thomas Brownell for fifty shillings. The document was witnessed by Jonathan Davenport and John Bailey

April 5 1707

Deed for land sold between Josiah Howland of Duxbury County and Thomas Brownell of Little Compton (spelled Thomas Brownill) for thirty pounds. The document was witnessed by William Pabodie and Jere...

1707 – 1751

Inscribed rock originally from Brenton's Point and bears the words: "Beleve in Christ & Live in No Sin." According to Edmund Burke Delabarre's book, "Dighton rock; a study of the written rocks ...

February 6 1705

Deposition by Nathaniel Waterman, resident of Providence recounting his knowledge of the tribal sachems of Rhode Island. Waterman was previously employed as a translator between the English and Nat...

circa 1705 – 1850

Possibly a Valenciennes lace or pillow lace of some sort, feauring scalloped edges, a net ground, and two distinct gloral motifs.

Deposition by George Wrightman aged 71 and resident of Kingstown in Narragansett County in the Colony of Rhode Island. Wrightman lived in Kingstown for forty years and describes the extent of the l...

Commission from Rhode Island Governor Samuel Cranston to Nicholas Easton as Captain of the Second Train Band. A wax Rhode Island seal is affixed to the top left corner of the document. Document is ...

Pipe, Water
circa 1700 – 1900

18.5 inch section of wood water pipe (possibly oak). Cylindrical with hole bored in the middle. Found in Point section of Newport on 2nd Street between 1979-1980 and saved by the donor. One area of...

Iron fireplace tongs; tongs and handle are turned; ball top.

Low pine chest on frame with a single drawer and turned front feet ending in a ball; brass fixtures; painted black. This piece is in a circa 1700 style but apparently is a more recent piece created...

Dress (garment)
18th century

Blue and green plaid taffeta dress. Two pinked ruffles on skirt; one narrower ruffle on bodice.

Silver porringer, round bowl with pierced handle. On back of handle "S+V" enclosed in heart. Inscribed on front "IBS 1692 - date added about 1888". It originally belonged to Joseph and Susanna (Tur...

Fork, Eating
circa 1700

Fork with trifid-end, two-tined fork. Added engraving: stag's head and date "1851", on back is engraved a head of an African (poss. original), and an engraved date "1708", which is added (and inc...

Glass, Wine
circa 1700


circa 1700

Bottle: leather bottle. Barrel-shaped container made of thick pieces of dark leather stitched at ends and top. Holes for strap; strap missing.

Wooden, 3 legged candlestand.

Wooden, 3 legged candlestand.

Two piece tavern table with drop leaf sides and side drawers.

American made (possibly Newport) Queen Anne style highboy with full set of period brasses and original ball and claw feet.

Brown satin wedding gown. Gown has short sleeves and simple details on the bodice. There are ties around the waist and down the back of the bodice.

Small red clay jug with tapered neck and mouth. The bottom is inscribed, "Henry Gould (potter) of Newport RI."

Country-style side chair, painted black. Possibly Little Compton construction.

18th century

Collection of wallpaper fragments with various patterns from the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House. 

FIC.2018.025 B
18th century

Detached bodice from what was once a one piece dress with FIC.2018.025 A. Tag "Dress of Miss Gilbert dau. of Capt John Gilbert [...] killed in battle 1756 or 8 see [pedigree])) married Dr. Alexande...

Detached skirt from what was once a one piece dress with FIC.2018.025 B. Tag "Dress of Miss Gilbert dau. of Capt John Gilbert [...] killed in battle 1756 or 8 see [pedigree])) married Dr. Alexander...

Cobbler's palm made of brown leather. Completed at palm and thumb hole with string. Small triangle of lighter brown leather with inverted thimble next to thumb hole.

18th century

Tan stays with shoulder straps and fron tab (2 x 4 in.) extending from center bottom. No boning, busk, or cording. Coarse linen lining with unfinished seams inside. Possibly unfinished construction...

18th century

Tan stays with coarse linen lining. Bound in white leather with glazed linen on tabs. Twill trim on outside of corset 1/8 in. wide over top of some channels. Dark brown leather in PL eyelets. 

18th century

18th century embroidered wallet. Outside has zigzag patterns with stripes of varying shades of green, yellow, maroon and blue. Small hole in front of wallet wear a clasp was likely attached. Inside...

Large handmade spike from Brenton House. Made by Richard Donohoe. Tag included with description and maker's information.

18th century

Wallpaper fragment from Rhoades-Pease-King-House. The fragile fragment features a pattern of yellow dotted leaves with white vines and burgundy tulips on a green/gray background.

Stays (corset)
18th century

Whalebone stays covered with green woolen material , bound with white kid. Lined with homespun linen, some with blue, white and natural stripes.

18th century

Buckram and whalebone covered and lined with linen. Outside, heavy linen, lined with narrow yellow braid; inside coarse linen. Bound with white kid, fastens in back. from the shop of Jabez Carpen...

Unbleached hoop petticoat. Linen and split reed or over 3 groups hoops, placket holes padded with wool ovver hips. Tapes which will tie petticoat in oval form.

Brocade (textile)
18th century

Swatch of brocade with rose ground.

1700 – 1750

White bolt of India muslin with small silver stars, now yellowed.

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