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circa 1990

A postcard depicting the Gothic Ballroom at Belcourt Castle. Copyright John Hopf.

A photograph depicting an aerial view of Belcourt (then operated as "Belcourt Castle"), possibly taken for the Newport County Chamber of Commerce (see reverse). Belcourt was built between...

circa 1970

A postcard depicting the "Banquet Hall" at Belcourt Castle. Copyright John Hopf.

circa 1965

A postcard depicting an aerial view of Belcourt Castle. Belcourt, the home of O.H.P. Belmont and Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, became a house museum (called Belcourt Castle) in 1957. Copyright John Hopf.

A photograph depicting the Gothic Ballroom at Belcourt (Belcourt Castle). Architectural features include a vaulted ceiling, stained glass windows, and a mantlepiece topped by a stone castle.

A photograph of the exterior of Belcourt (1891-1894). Architectural features include a half-timbered exterior, french doors with arched windows, a mansard roof, dormers, an archway, and a gallery w...

circa 1925

A color postcard depiciting the exterior of Belcourt, c. 1920s. A car is visible at left.

circa 1915

A color postcard depicting Belcourt, located on Bellevue Avenue. Caption reads: "RESIDENCE OF O.H.P. BELMONT, NEWPORT, R.I."

A color postcard depiciting the exterior of Belcourt. Date included on handwritten message on reverse reads "6-14-'08".

September 11 1907

A street and property map showing "Proposed Change in Roads for/O.H.P. Belmont Esq." Stamped "Wm. H. Lawton/CIVIL ENGINEER/SEP 11 1907/NEWPORT, R.I.". Associated with other documents regarding the ...

A notice regarding a petition made to the Newport City Board of Aldermen related to potential chages to Ledge Road. Nearby property owners are identified as "Elbridge T. Gerry, Estate of Mary Bell,...

A glass plate negative depicting the interior courtyard of Belcourt, located at the southwest corner of Lakeview Avenue and Bellevue Avenue. The courtyard has a half-timbered design with several wi...

circa 1900

Blue vase with notched top, handles with sharp shoulders; applied decal of Marble House, labeled "Residence of Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont/Souvenir/Newport Beach"

A photograph depicting the interior courtyard at Belcourt. Architectural featues include half-timbered details, a gallery, dormers, and arches. Striped drapery hangs between the posts of the gallery.

Bowl, Eating
1900 – 1920

Oval porcelain bowl with latice sides, cobalt blue with gold overglaze, decal in bottom. Makers Mark: "Residence Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont/Souvenir/Newport Beach", maker's mark on bottom: "Made In Germa...

A photograph of Elsie Clews, Harry Gray, Henry Clews, and Clinton Gray standing by the doors of cabanas at Bailey's Beach. All appear to be laughing. Doors behind them are labeled "C.W.L." and "...

A photograph depicting an exterior view of Belcourt (completed 1894). Architectural features include grillwork, dormers, stonework (including quoins), and large,arched windows. The house is surroun...

January 4 1893

Four-page record of securities owned by "Mrs. Belmont" (probably Caroline Slidell Perry Belmont, 1829-1892). Handwritten text on on outside page reads: "January 4th 1893/List of Securities on above...

A photograph depicting a "second-story hall" at Belcourt, possibly taken from a printed source. Features include an elaborately carved ceiling, a chandelier, an arched door, and a carved staircase.

A photograph of the ballroom at Belcourt (1891-1894). Features include a vaulted ceiling with carvings, Corinthian columns, Gothic-style stained glass windows, large chandeliers, and a mantle toppe...

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