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A cabinet card depicting an image of Commodore Matthew C. Perry. Image appears to be a photograph of a painting. Card was produced in Tokyo, Japan; a gold embossed maker's mark with Japanese charac...

August 1913

Black and white postcard advertisement for Asbestos "Century" Shingles. Image shows Bushy Park Carriage House; architect: J.D. Johnston, contractor: B.F. Tanner. Postcard was mailed to Harold Smith...

A black and white photograph of the boardwalk at Newport Beach (Easton's Beach). A large mass of people are seen walking on the boardwalk beside wooden buildings and pavilions; tall lampposts bord...

A photograph depiciting a circus parade, including several elephants, traveling down Thames Street. Spectators are seen lining the streets. The William Leys Dry Goods Company is seen at left, whi...

Commemorative Medal
July 2 – 3 1913

Navy Day medal. On front is battleship with "Navy Day" and an anchor in ribbon. On reverse, it is inscribed, "The United States Navy Is the Best Insurance Against War And the Only Guarentee of Nati...

Photographic print of soldiers honoring the military personnel involved in the Spanish-American War, on Memorial Day 1913. 

Glass plate negative from the Newport Daily News collection showing an Auto Fire Apparatus (Combination #2). The image shows several men surrounding the fire engine outside the station. 

circa 1913

This map shows a proposed extension to Broadway. Compiled by William Lawton.

circa 1913

This is a map of the land upon which Ocean House Hotel sat. Compiled by William Lawton.

Photograph album of the Howe/Hall family.

A child's white jacket made of a plain weave fabric with raised checks. All edges are bound with a woven white tape, arranged as a double layer. Cut away front and scalloped edge at bottom. Curved ...

A child's white pleated skirt, made of a plain weave fabric with raised checks. Features include a front panel bordered with ten white buttons and a waistband with nine buttonholes around its circu...

Scale Model
circa 1913

Exhibition model of sailboat Kirin. Black two-masted schooner has two booms for each mast. Hatch at the bow of ship. Cabin towards stem with six cabin skylights protruding above the deck. A silver ...

A glass plate negative depicting the gardener's cottage at Aquidneck Park, located on the corner of Spring Street and Golden Hill Street. A gate with stone posts is visible at right.

A glass plate negative depicting the Kathrine Prescott Wormeley House, located at the corner of Old Beach Road and Red Cross Avenue. Features include cross gables, dormers, striped awnings, and an...

A glass plate negative depicting Hillside, a shingle style house located in the Rhode Island Avenue vicinity (most likely Gibbs Avenue). Architectural features include decorative shingles, two gabl...

A glass plate negative depicting Villino(1881-82), a shingle style house built by McKim, Mead, and White for Francis L. Skinner. Architectural features include a turret with a conical roof, shutter...

A glass plate negative depicting Holme Lodge (White Lodge), a house located on Catherine Street and the northwest corner of Ayrault Street. Holme Lodge was first owned by Henry Ledyard (1863), and ...

A glass plate negative depicting Pine Cone Cottage or Pine Lodge, located at the corner of Catherine Street and Tompkins Court (32-34 Catherine Street). The portion of the cottage in view is three ...

A glass plate negative depicting a house located at the northwest corner of Catherine and Brinley Streets (20 Catherine Street). The house was designed by architect Dudley Newton, and was built by ...

Tinted postcard of Marble Palace, or Marble House, the residence of O. H. P. Belmont. 

Russian brocade from imperial palaces. The brocade features a pale blue ground with decorative genuine silver and gold wefts depicting a display that is both floral and graphic including some Russi...

Large architectural drawing of front view of Jahleel Brenton House. Building is flanked by tall trees and fencing around yard.

Drawing of Brenton House - C.L. 1913.

A postcard printed for the"O.H. Perry Centennial" (War of 1812). Images are printed in red, white, and blue, and include a portrait of Oliver Hazard Perry, "Perry's Look Out" on Gibraltar Island, a...

Drawing of Brenton House, 1913.

1913 – 1920

Milan straw and faded blue rayon with two velvet flowers. The hat is from the mail order house of Charles William Stores Inc. of New York. According to the New York Times the mail order house was e...

1913 – 1916

Pale green glass flask with cork. Torn white label: Casino Whiskey F.P. Garretson & Co/W. J. Creaney & Co. Successors/Wines Olive Oil/Teas Coffees, Virgina Hams/16 & 20 Washington Sq. N...

1913 – 1914

Stained pine half model of motor boat. Indentation for deck space. Angled keel. Wooden 'stripe" running horizontally across boat. Matching backboard. Tag reading: "builders half model of a 34 ...

circa 1912 – 1913

Starched Arrow collar reads, "Cluett, Peabody & CO. INC, U.S.A." "2121" "Brockly 14 1/4"

Print, Photographic
circa 1912 – 1916

A matted photographic portrait of Reverend and Mrs. W.B. Reed and their daughters. Reverend Reed was a pastor at the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Newport.

1912 – 1916

Bronze medal of Woodrow Wilson by Agnes Lodberg, modelled at the time of his first inauguration. Wilson faces right, the words "Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, March 4, 1913" are ar...

circa 1911 – 1950

Black tassel comprised mostly of a crinkled novelty fabric with a twill weave upper portion. The tassel appears to be comprised of synthetic fibers.

Bulk catalog records for documents and materials relating to the Dawley Family, including Jessie Rose Dawley, William P. Dawley, and Huntington Dawley. Materials include letters, a postcard, and a ...

1910 – 1924

A ledger containing financial information related to the Congregation Ahavath (also called Ahavez) Achim. Includes an index of members, donation records, and a list of "Purchasers of Seats." Docume...

The facade of the Chetwode mansion located on Bellevue Avenue. The photograph highlights the architecture work of Horace Trumbauer. 

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