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White Tea Apron, small trim with wide edging and insertion of embroidered net (rather course).

1900 – 1925

Taupe malines with blue ostrich tips.

1900 – 1925

Tan tricorne hat, trimmed with pleated ribbon to match.

Black Spanish lace over white satin, white satin rushing trim. The top is a carved ring in bent wood and the handle is ornately carved with a lions head and body at the top. Wood has light finish.

Dress (garment)
1871 – 1881

White with small gray figure. Muslin. Trim with lace, belt missing.

Cage Crinoline
1856 – 1865

Cage crinoline of concentric steel hoops suspended from 9 tapes. 20 complete circles hoops and 2 "U" shaped hoops at top of crinoline near waist.

D384 AB
Dress, Wedding
1855 – 1865

Blue and Gray striped silk wedding dress with perpendicular gold stripes. Blue fringe and lace trim. Bodice and skirt separate. Lace collar and cuff basted on piece of Georgettee to simulate unders...

Green and black plaid silk, material of skirt

Three pieces of plaid brown and white silk.

Pink cotton long sleeve dress with attached cape with scalloped edges, eight remaining buttons in front of dress, white embroidered trim on cape.

Piece of blue silk material with floral stripes (material from a dress?).

1850 – 1869

Black bodice with velvet trim bordering the bottom, front, sleeves, and back. Five buttons on each side of front, wide sleeved, waistlength and tail in back. Two buttons on back with velvet bow. Tw...

Brown linen sleeve (C) with sleeve cap (B) and an extra cap (D). Embroidered white and brown leaf motif. Four hooks at end of sleeve. Cap same as sleeve with fringe at bottom

Frock Coat
circa 1840

Frock coat in black made from broadcloth with red homespun in inside padding. Cut velvet buttons. 3 practical buttons on sleeves.

Olive/army green bodice, longsleeves. Pint at bottom in back. Material bunched together along shoulder and on sleeves. Fastens in themiddle, pleated in back. Possibly Quaker.

Girls dress. Short sleeves, blue and white print, lace around edges. Stripes and swirls vertically down dress.

Blue and White long sleeve cotton print dress (white roses on a blue background). "mother Hubbard" house dress. Fitted back, loose front, long tight sleeves with caps.

Quilted petticoat in rose beige light wool, fancy weave. Lined in India calico, small palonette pattern in borwn on white.

19th century

Scarlet wool shawl with persian border. Evidently a shawl cut from a scarf about 19 inches wide. Part fo border appliqued.

Brown silk quilted petticoat. Lined with a purple checked fabric. Waist is a crude casing sewn with multiple, different colored threads. Black 1/4 in. woven trim used to gather waist. Main body of ...

19th century

An ivory shawl, most likely wool, with a woven border. Border is comprised of a Paisley design (repeating boteh shapes in red, green, and gray).

19th century

Ribbed, olive gray colored silk shawl with fringe. Possibly Quaker.

19th century

White china crepe shawl, possibly Quaker, Chinese netted fringe.

1775 – 1825

Gray, brown silk bound with brown ribbon lined with lam's wool (might have faded from violet). Originally cataloged as "coverlet"

Three legged kettle; mis-shapen handle; no cover.

Black coat with ten buttons with a circle within a circle design down front of coat. Slightly puckered shoulders. One button on each cuff. Split back from waist down. Pink lining in sleeves.

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