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Bonnet (hat)
circa 1895

Cotton sunbonnet. Fancy pink & white striped. To be used in pagents.

Bonnet (hat)
circa 1895

Cotton sunbonnet, fancy stripe in color. To be used in pagents.

bonnets (hats)
1885 – 1895

Straw bonnet with dark blue velvet facing. Considered a "cottage bonnet." Was worn by Ida C. Waldron (1859-1936), who was step-sister to Mrs. Albert Yeager.

Bonnet (hat)
1860 – 1865

Brown and white bonnet with green trimming made of pin-checked taffeta. Exterior features rossettes with pinked edges. Interior features a flower made of sheer fabric. Marked: "Worn by my sister, E...

Bonnet made of milan straw.

D238 A
Bonnet (hat)
19th century

Quaker bonnet, in greenish gray silk with white lining.

Bonnet (hat)
18th century

Black silk Quaker bonnet lined in white. Homespun linen and square mesh linen gauze and a piece of marbled cardboard used in stiffening.

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