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D238 B
19th century

Gray silk fringed Quaker shawl, square. Attached tag reads 'Quaker Shawl, Rebecca Collins, D238 B'

D238 D
19th century

Quaker mantle in greenish gray wadded silk. Very large.

D238 G
19th century

Bonnet box from a Quaker owner. Tan and white box. Covered in wallpaper. Contains D238A-F

D238 A
Bonnet (hat)
19th century

Quaker bonnet, in greenish gray silk with white lining.

19th century

Gray shawl identified as Quaker shawl belonging to Rebecca Collins of Philadelphia (Mrs. Jonathon Knight). Shawl has green tint and 1 1/4 in. fringe on all sides. Two edges are selvage and two are ...

D238 C
19th century

Rose-biege silk shawl, made of trilled silk with 1/4" fringe. Possibly Quaker.

Lavender silk fan that has faded to tan. 15 plain ivory sticks. On the reverse is lavender moire.

Quaker cape of rose piege, lined with lighter tone. Circular with fine gathers over each shoulder

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