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Thin wooden architectural fragment with paper label attached. Label is faded and somewhat waterstained, wood is ragged on ends and smooth on long sides. Overall, very small item.

Matted picture of the Apollo 15 spacecraft and a small fragment of sternpost encased below picture. Label below fragment reads: 'this fragment from the sternpost of captain James Cook's Endeavour w...

A photographic print and fragment of U.S.S. Constitution, mounted on an ivory mat. Photograph shows this ship docked and under reconstruction at the Boston Navy Yard, 1906. Caption under wood fragm...

Piece of blue moire stamped in gold, "FANCY DRESS BALL/NEW YORK/1875"

Fragment of red and black tapestry with quatrefoil geometric pattern.

Six swatches of various shapes, sizes and colors: blue striped, green and black checked, brown striped, two pink, purple with stripes.

Piece of blue silk material with floral stripes (material from a dress?).

Printed woolen material: twill front, plain back. Blue background with brown dots and paisley striped.

Textile depicting underwater flora, seaweed, and coral. The textile features a pink, teal and brown roller print on a tan ground.

Fabric with colored sprig on cream ground. Fancy weave silk with brocaded sprig. Piece of wedding dress of Frances, daughter of Martha and Gardiner Thurston, upon marrying Job E. Woodman in 1813.

19th century

Gold, yellow and brown wallpaper with maroon accents in the pattern. Two sections of fragments, both came from the stairwell of the Banister House at 56 Pelham Street, Newport, RI. There is another...

1800 – 1820

Wallpaper fragment still attached to horsehair plaster backing. The wallpaper has a mustard yellow background with a blue and white ribbon pattern across the center. The top has a light blue, white...

Part of an infant's dress of purple/brown printed calico with small flowers

Floral striped calico, part of a child's dress. Possibly a sleeve that has been cut from the rest of the garment.

Fragment of a flag in an envelope. Envelope reads, "Piece of the flag carried by Col. Christopher Greene's regiment (colored) at the battle of Rhode Island. August 29 1778 from Hon. D.W. Lyman Oct....

Skirt with embroidered silver quatrefoil-like design. Small silver bows and sprigs embroidered in centers and edges of quatrefoils. Panels include selvage edges. Partially assembled. Gathers and pl...

Yard goods of an embroidered silver quatrefoil-like design. Small silver bows and sprigs embroidered in centers and edges of quatrefoils. Selvage to selvage piece. Same fabric as FIC.2018.026 B

White, silk brocade pink and green flowers. Brocade taffeta with satin stripes and colored flowers. 
Note with fabric fragment: "Piece of material from dress worm by Mrs. Allen at a ball give...

18th century

Collection of wallpaper fragments with various patterns from the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House. 

18th century

Wallpaper fragment from Rhoades-Pease-King-House. The fragile fragment features a pattern of yellow dotted leaves with white vines and burgundy tulips on a green/gray background.

Brocade (textile)
18th century

Swatch of brocade with rose ground.

Light and dark indigo blue and white striped woolen fabric with some twilled stripes. Ticketed in same hand as D225, "A piece of my great Grandmother's Petticoat more than a hundred years old. ~1885"

34 swatches of checked, striped and plaid fabrics. Died with indigo and saffron. Fabrics of various materials: linen, cotton and possibly hemp. Ticketed, "These pieces are specimens of cloth manufa...

Piece A is a fragment of sleeve. Piece B is a strip with nine buttons. Indigo and white vertically striped linen. Buttons worked in blue and white thread over slightly irregular wooden mould. Fragm...

Door pin from the Great Friends Meeting House.

Black machine lace with chevron border design. Swags on border edge below chevrons. Ground is large ovals on hexagon net. Three cut edges. 

Black lace fragment. Scalloped border. Pattern of lily-like flowers and floral sprigs. One edge hemmed with running stitch in black thread.

Black lace fragment. Scalloped border. Pattern of lily-like flowers and floral sprigs.

Fragments of black lace trim. Pattern of floral sprigs with scalloped border formed by circular flowers.

Machine lace. Bouquets with scalloped border. Edges sewn with large basting stitches.

Fragment (possibly sleeve cap). Parallel lines of open net-like weave and opaque weave. Open areas possible leno weave. Flowers outlined in small black beads. Raw edges hemmed in brown thread.

PR front of a double breasted, cream-colored waistcoat. 8 buttonholes. Handstitched. Selvage at bottom hem an pocket welt. Remnants of original sewing thread at what was once a side seam. One self-...

Yard goods of red wool twill. Selvage to selvage. Extensive old repairs (well done darning in red thread). 

Fragment of red wool twill. Selvage on one edge. Remains of knotted fringe on one long edge.

Green damask yard goods. Lace-like meanders with flowers and acanthus leaves. Meanders frame vases of flowers. Large scale print. In style of late 18th century silks. 

Fragment of sheer chiffon-like black fabric. Selvage on one edge. 

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