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Blue and brown strip of plaid linen. 3 pieces - the yellow dye was probably saffron. Was used as part of a bed curtain. Ticketed "Spun and women previous to 1790."

before 1893

Turned cylinder (goblet shape), may have heavier metal in core, seal inscription surrounds image of scales of justice. Inscription: "Court of Compleas, Newport."

before 1812

Metal holder with two end rings surrounds round part with 3 large grooves. Tag reads: "Deadeye from man-of-war 'Macedonian' captured by us frigate "United States" on October 25, 1812.

Portrait of Robert B. Cranston, half-length protrait; he wears a black coat with gold buttons, a frilly white shirt, and a black cravat. He has reddish brown hair with large sideburns, and brown ey...

Toy, Car
before 1916

Painted wood model of side pumper, red with black and gold trim; metal pumping mechanism, wooden handles. Solid wooden wheels, smaller front wheels on swivel. Air chamber is reproduction of origina...

Saucer is white with gold around rim, two gold rings in center and "Capt. Hazard" written in gold in the center. Cup is white with gold around inner rim and thin gold ring below; handle has indenta...

Eagle, wooden, painted gold. Originally sat on gateposts of Metcalf Bowler Estate in Portsmouth before the Revolution, later hung on buildings of United States Hotel, Townsend's Coffee House, Hamme...

before 1833

Full length silhouette of woman (Sarah) facing right. Dressed in 19th century style with long dress, hair up in bun, holding a fan. Black on light paper, no frame. Written on back in pencil: "Befor...

Framed photograph of J. Allen Boone. White hair, he wears a grey suit with a black tie.

Rhode Island Society Of The Cincinnati Triennial Meeting commemorative medallion. The meeting was held in Newport Rhode Island May 13-16, 2004. The obverse of the piece displays the arms of the Rho...

Photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue when under construction. Photo features a port-a-john leaning up against the outside wall. A blue truck is parked alongside. Similar to P9237 (...

Exterior wall photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue. Two windows with white trim, and some shrubbery are visible.

View of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue from the base of a driveway; a backhoe is visible in the distance.

Photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue. The roof and ground are snow-covered. Photo seems to be recording the roof, drain spout, chimney, and cupola. A piece of wood is blocking entr...

Photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue when under construction. Photo features a port-a-john leaning up against the outside wall. A blue truck is parked alongside. Similar to P9236 (...

Color photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue. Photo features a man standing outside next to a bucket of a backhoe coming out from the garage door.

Pair of matching round, medium blue buttons; printed white logo: snowflake, Newport/Winter Festival/Jan. 26-Feb. 4/1996/A Better Idea! 401-841-5646; straight pin fastener on back.

Pair of matching round, dark blue souvenir buttons; printed white. Logo: alarm clock, stars, Opening Night '96, Newport, RI; straight pin fastener on back.

Round pin with imprinted paper: "Celebrate Coronet/IYRS" and a line drawing of the "Coronet". Paper is supported by a metal disc, overlaid with clear plastic. Souvenir of yacht "Coronet" when it w...

Pin, Promotional
October 18 1992

Yellow commemorative pin, "Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge, October, 1992" inscribed around edge. Cartoon in center shows bridge and 'Walk/Don't Walk'" sign. Caption reads, "I Walked The Bridge". Th...

Ceramic, commercially made mug, glazed white with decal overglaze of blue tall ships logo and, in red, "Tall Ships, Newport, 1992".

Button, round white with blue lettering, "I Winter in Newport." Issued by The Hill Association.

Solid metal printing block with circular engraving at top; used to make stamps; engraving reads: 'Rhode Island Independence Commemorative/May 4 1776/ 200 years'. 'C6739' painted in white on side of...

Round white tray w/ raised rim, decorated w/ red and blue bicentennial star in center, "American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976" around edge. Item is marked with 'American Revolution Logo'; 'Off...

W 41.1
circa 1975

Round night cap with cotton lace edgeing on cuff, print is blue, gold, green, and wine colored on a white background. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Williamsburg reproduction of a full deck of playing cards; no numbers.

Reproduction white kaolin pipe; long thin stem; small receptacle. Made in Williamsburg, Va.

Reproduction white kaolin pipe; long thin stem; small receptacle; half of receptacle is missing. Made with Kaolin in Williamsburg, Va.

Reproduction earthenware salt glaze pitcher; gray with blue band and leaf design. Made in Wlliamsburg, VA. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

circa 1971

Operation Clapboard sign. Rectangular wood sign painted white. Text in black paint reads: 'Job Bennett House c.1710'. Image painted in black is an oval containing an acorn and an intertwined O and ...

Silver plaque that reads, "Deeded to/Trinity Church 1970/in memory of/Brig. Gen. Herbert Bliss R.I.M. Ret./1859-1936/Junior Warden 1923 to 1936/and daughter/Hope Bliss Thompson".

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Black and white reflective sign angled in at bottom, reads "Stop Pay Toll". From the Newport Bridge,

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Road sign reading "Speed Limit 40". From the Newport Bridge.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Metal rectangular sign with Newport Bridge logo and arrow to direct traffic. Black, blue and white road sign. Referred to as trail markers.

Coaster made of brass and copper, with line drawing of intrepid and flags, and harbor line of Newport. Also: "America's Cup Races/ 12 Meter Competition/1967" and images of the cup.

Black and white photograph of the Newport Players. Posed group photo with men and women dressed in costume.

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