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Cap (headgear)
before 1843

White infant's cap of very fine cotton. Fancy woven stripe. Drawstring at face and behind ears.

before 1843

Infant's cap with wadded hood. Green silk like that used in caleches. Trout ruffle also similiar.

A booklet entitled "Official Register of the Officers and Cadets of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York./June, 1843." Cover is signed "OHP Taylor. Aug. 2nd 1843". Register lists West Po...

circa 1843

Fine white cotton shirt with ruffle sleeves, simple edge, darned knit lace, rectangular flap at front.

A copy of "The New England Primer" printed by the Massachussets Sabbath School Society, 1843. Includes Christian religious texts such as the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer, an alphabet, ill...

An 1843 "City Convention" election ticket, Rhode Island. Lists candidates for senator and representatives. An illustration depicting the state motto ("HOPE") and an anchor surrounded by waves is lo...

An 1843 prox listing candidates for Rhode Island governor, lieutentant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and general treasurer (Law and Order Party). An illustration depicting the sta...

Promissory note signed by Audley Clarke for payment to the Whaling Insurance Company on insurance policy covering Ship Coggeshall.

1842 – 1911

Ida Lewis' copper teakettle on warming stand.

top hat
circa 1840 – 1860

A dark brown top hat associated with M.E. Hatch of New Bedford. Hat is made of silk plush, and has a thin black band around its circumference. Interior is lined with a gold quilted fabric, and has ...

bonnet (hat)
circa 1840 – 1860

A gray silk bonnet with long ties (19 inches). The bonnet is comprised of a stiff brim (about 4-5 inches wide, lined with a sheer silk fabric) and a gathered portion at rear. A stiff open weave fab...

1840 – 1899

Small heart shaped Valentine with fold out interiors that open into the shape of a clover. Each leaf of the fold out clover features a verse. The front pictures a rose with the words, "I request fa...

1840 – 1899

A paper lace heart Valentine with a star made from cut ribbons in the center. A bird appears at the top of the heart, and below it reads, "I live for thee alone" in a scroll.

1840 – 1899

A Valentine poem entitled, "To Emily". The poem reads:
There's a dainty Maiden dwells In the city by the sea, Her eyes so bright, her teeth so white And when she smiles at me, My heart begins...

1840 – 1899

Valentine with the front featuring paper lace and flowers. A woman's face appears through a circular cut out. The interior features a poem, and the full bust portrait of the woman. The poem entitle...

1840 – 1899

Paper valentine with paper lace. The center of the card has an envelope that reads, "To the keeper of my heart." surrounded by pansies. A bird is atop the card sitting on her eggs, and at the botto...

1840 – 1899

On front of Valentine is a cherub holding a rose surrounded by paper cut lacework. Inside features a poem in gilded ink, "Fondly I love, but/ some strange spell/ Forbids my tongue/ its tale to tell...

1840 – 1899

Valentine featuring a young girl and boy holding hands under a horseshoe shaped arch that reads, "Love Remembrance." Underneath the arch is also a heart with an embossed pansy. Embossed small blue ...

80.3.34 AB
1840 – 1860

Two fiddle-backed forks. Engraved initials "AT" (in script) referring to Abigail White Taylor (1786-1869). Marked "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle with three symbols.

White round collar with elaborate embroidery.


Ladies daytime cap. White net trim with white satin ribbon


Tan and brown bonnet made of Shaker straw trimmed with brown silk. Very long cape.

Bonnet made of milan straw.

White barege; blue woven figure; low neck, shirt sleeves, separate small shoulder cape. Belonged to Eleanor Bowen, made about 1845-1850.

Wireframe bonnet made of rust colored silk, featuring puffy trim, gathering, with bronze bow and ties for neck. 

Girls dress. Short sleeves, blue and white print, lace around edges. Stripes and swirls vertically down dress.


Red, gray, and black striped dress, long tight sleeves with caps. Opens in front, shirred front.

Blue and White long sleeve cotton print dress (white roses on a blue background). "mother Hubbard" house dress. Fitted back, loose front, long tight sleeves with caps.

1840 – 1865

Small collar of white embroidered muslin, flat lace edge.

Chemisette, mid-layer of underwear, scalloped with embroidery around the neckline and down the open front to the waist.

Coin silver wire eyeglasses w/ reddish/brown cardboard, leather torpedo shaped case.eyeglasses have quadrangular lenses w/ crank bridge and non-adjustable temple bars. A is marked with "Borhek" an...

White folding fan decorated in silver and other colors. 20 pieced ivory sticks, paper fields, decoration printed and tinted. Three medallions of women and children, in the style of 1840s.

Spoon, Salt
1840 – 1899

Small silver spoon marked "Ocean House" (partially illegible) on underside of handle. Possibly made by Gorham.

Spoon, Salt
1840 – 1899

Small silver spoon marked "Ocean House" (partially illegible) on underside of handle. Possibly made by Gorham.

80.3.39 AB
Spoon, Salt
1840 – 1860

Two salt spoons with fiddle-backed handled with "HHS" engraved in script, referring to Harriett Hamilton Taylor Saunders. Marked with "NEWPORT, RI" and "NICHOLS" both enclosed in rectangles.

Two spoons with fiddle-backed handled with pointed bowl. "MVT" engraved in script referring to Mary Vigneron Taylor (1744-1835), wife of James Taylor. Three symbols and "Nichols" enclosed in a rect...

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