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Small ladle with decoration and a gold wash over the bowl. Engraved initials "KDT" (in script), "referring to Katharine Dewees Taylor (1832-1899). Marked with "Pure coin H.L. Webster & Co"

Ladle, Serving
1830 – 1850

Fiddle-back ladle with the initials "ET" engraved in script. Belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, Daughter of Peter Taylor. Marked with "BALDWIN & JONES" enclosed in a rectangle.

circa 1825

A small silver ladle with R.W. James engraved on handle.

Silver ladle, inscribed "ECM" on handle. "ECM" was Elizabeth Champlin Mason. This was wedding silver of Elizabeth Champlin Mason and Oliver Hazard Perry. Stamped on verso: "WSM and Nichols".

1800 – 1830

Silver ladle with engraved handle, initialled "cb" in script on handle. Coffin-shaped handle, elliptical bowl. Marked with "N. GEFFROY" enclosed in a wavy line. Said to be made from the silver lace...

Ladle, Serving
1798 – 1833

Ladle with a coffin-end handle, and the initials "AT" (in script). "H. FARNAM". Owned by Abigail White Taylor (1786-1869).

Ladle with engraved initials; "ML" in script; handle end is oval shaped; bowl is elliptical. "DR" enclosed in a square.

Ladle, Serving
1785 – 1796

Ladle with engraved initial: "C" in script; also some bright-cut engraved decoration on handle; star and flower motif; bowl nearly round in shape; end of handle tapers to a blunt point; spine on ba...

Wide wooden ladle with a handle; handle has a protrusion at the end, presumably to hang or rest the ladle in a pot. Old number was 11-065, but had no file/record anywhere. From the Wanton-Lyman-Haz...

Wide wooden ladle with a broken/burned handle. Old number was 11-066, but had no record or file anywhere. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Unpainted oak wooden ladle with round scoop and long, thin handle ending in a point; one piece design.

Round coconut shell ladle with pewter rim; long maple wooden handle attached to ladle with pewter shaft; handle has turned and pointed end with a leather loop around end. From the Wanton-Lyman-Haza...

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