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Engraving (print)
August 18 1769

Black and white engraving; depicts two men with two dogs in foreground; pond, hut, large rock with brush, birds flying in background; poem underneath engraving; gold wooden frame. This was engraved...

December 19 1768

Invitation for "Miss Robinson" to attend the Newport Assembly on December 19, 1768 from William Wanton, Manager.

Portage bill for the ship Cleopatra.

Three quarter profile of Christopher Grant Champlin (1768-1840). Facing right, brown eyes, powdered hair, wearing white shirt with frills, brown waist coat.

Gold relief scroll design along 4 - panel, black - enamel band. Lettered in gold relief. "Edward Scott/o.b. 30 June/1768/ae 65." Commemorated death of Edward Scott, d. 1768. Scott was master of the...

Miniature painting of John Banister (1744-1807). Three-quarter profile, gray eyes, hair lightly powdered, rolled above ears and in back, wearing white shirt with gold, printed vest, red collarless ...

April 14 1766

The cover of this deed reads: "Deed of Liberty Tree and the Land on which it stands. This Deed was drawn by Henry Marchant, esquire, and copied by William Ellery, esquire. April 14, 1766."

A ticket for admission to an assembly at Mrs. Mary Cowley's Coffee House, dated November 6, 1766. Ticket provided admission to a "Miss...Robinson" for "the season". Text is printed on the reverse s...

A folded page containing off-white linen and cotton fabric "samples from/Cork/1766". Sample at top is a figured weave consisting of lozenge shapes; caption above reads: "This is all cotton + there ...

Ivory silk saque-back gown and petticoat made of a complex brocade with red, pink and white flowers and bands of horizontal ivory ribs. Fabric was most likely woven in Spitalfields, England. Sleeve...

Petty ledger for Christopher Champlin includes:
  • Account between Champlin and William Sachem of Charlestown
  • Account between Champlin and Thomas Ephraim
  • Power of attorney ...

34.1.7 A
1765 – 1785

One of a set of two Windsor side chairs with a fan-back made of tulip and ash. Original green painted legs and backs; seats have original "grained" decoration imitating mahogany. Made in Rhode Isla...

34.1.7 B
1765 – 1785

One of a set of two Windsor side chairs with a fan-back made of tulip and ash. Original green painted legs and backs; seats have original "grained" decoration imitating mahogany. Made in Rhode Isla...

Sampler w/ alphabet worked three times, each time in a different stitch; no 'J' or 'U' in the alphabet; flowers; blues, yellows, beiges and greens; stitched verse reads; "Embrace Instruction/ Hold ...

1765 – 1858

Mahogany and tulip slant-front desk with three drawers, straight bracket feet, blocked interior drawers, sliding well, sliding lid supports with carved bird's head terminals, and a brass label on b...

Purchase Order
November 15 1764

Order from Thomas Ninegrett to Christopher Champlin for assorted goods.

January 20 1764

A printed commission appointing Thomas Vernon of Newport to the office of "Deputy Post-Master," 1764. Signed by "Post-Masters-General" Benjamin Franklin and John Foxcroft; also signed by James Park...

circa 1764

Bottle has small lip; red rim with 2 yellow and 3 white lines around neck. Front and back panels have 2 round blue flowers with yellow centers, and red, yellow, white and blue plumes. Side panels h...

circa 1764

Enameled glass with a picture of a boy dressed in 18th century style (blue knickers, green three-cornered hat and red coat), carrying 2 water buckets over his shoulders. Elaborate, colorful flowers...

circa 1764

Small lip on bottle. Enameled with picture of two doves on a heart with blue and white flowers below; red and white dots down either side. Red, white, yellow and blue flowers on side panels. White ...

Drawing mounted on wood of the Rev. Henry Channing, by Gilbert Stuart at age nine.

Mahogany bookcase on desk with three shelf cupboard bookcase; slant-top desk; eight block front drawers, four pigeonholes and one door inside desk; four drawers outside desk; brass fixtures on oute...

Curved oval silver frame shoe buckles with bead-like ornament, twi-tined fork bears a heart-shaped motif.

Man and woman holding hands, standing on brown ground; the woman's face is hidden by a big white hat and she is wearing a long black and red dress with white trim; the man wears a black hat; small ...

2012.52 AB
1760 – 1820

Set of brass and iron andirons from the Robinson House, located at 64 Washington Street.

1760 – 1770

Rococo style silver teapot with mark of Paul Revere. Imagery on sides of teapot include a rampant lion and a shield with birds, circles, and a chevron. Birds, fruit, and foliage surround the lid.

Davis Quadrant
1760 – 1780

Davis quadrant (or backstaff) composed of 2 arcs of a circle having the same center. Supported by wooden stand. Ivory inlay reads: made by Benjamin King for Mr. John Langley, Jr. See also #01.756

1760 – 1790

Oval-shaped copper tobacco box with applied silver oval on lid. Top of box engraved with flowers and phrase. Bottom engraved with vines encircling a sailing ship. Engraved with initials "PH", "Come...

Chest Of Drawers
1760 – 1780

Mahogany and chestnut chest-on-chest with ogee pediment, made by John Townsend. Four drawers in lower chest, three large and two small drawers in upper chest. Fluted bowl finials on fluted plinths,...

Firescreen on tripod of mahogany pedestal base, baluster-turned column with reeded capital. Flame finial prob. replaced. Oval frame with needlework. The silk needlework picture is an addition of c....

Chest Of Drawers
1760 – 1780

Mahogany and white Pine low case of drawers, block front with ogee bracket feet and shaped top. Four graduated drawers. Probably made in Newport.

1758 – 1802

Portrait painting of Rev. Gardiner Thurston. Half-length portrait, older man with white hair, white shirt with black vestment; right hand is holding a book. Subject was the Assistant Pastor of the ...

Tilt-Top Table
1755 – 1785

Mahogany table; tripod-based, tilt-top tea table; columnar shaft has spiral-turned base; birdcage at top of shaft; plain feet; top added. Probably made in Newport.

Spoon, Eating
1755 – 1770

Spoon with engraved initials: "S*F" (original) and "NT" (added) in script; handle curves up; has mid-rib on front. "TA" enclosed in a square, "ARNOLD" enclosed in a rectangle.

1755 – 1780

White pine, red cedar and chestnut four-drawer desk with slender ogee bracket feet; interior has block-front drawers with shell-carving; desk has sliding wooden locks in top drawer and sliding well...

1751 – 1828

Coin silver spoon with marking on back consistent with Thomas Arnold (1734-1828). Engravings on the handle are present: a script monogram "CC" and the numeral 3.

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