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before 1900

Box 4 contains Miss Elizabeth Swinburne's scrapbook from before 1900. The scrapbook includes many ticket stubs, maps, photographs, postcards, and pressed flowers and leaves from various pleaces thr...

A photograph depicting the Bull House, located on the corner of Broadway and Bull Street. The house is decorated with patriotic bunting; a striped tent topped by an American flag can be seen at ri...

A photograph of the Bull House, located at the corner of Broadway and Bull Street. The house is decorated with patriotic bunting, and three tents are set up in the yard. Men in military uniforms ...

Print, Photographic
September 12 1900

A photograph of a fire at the Rockingham Hotel on Narragansett Pier, Narragansett, Rhode Island. The fire would destroy not only the Rockingham, but other summer resort buildings along the Pier.

A photograph depiciting the official opening of Whitehall to the public by the Colonial Dames, Middletown. A group gathered near the house is listening to an address given by Reverend Edward Evere...

July 1900

Photograph of Estelle de Laussat Willoughby. She is wearing a white or light colored gown, with large feathered hat, and holding a parasol on her left shoulder. Reverse reads:"Estelle de Laussat Wi...

Photographic print of Bellevue Avenue, showing the Newport Casino looking south, replicated from an albumen cabinet print captured by the Notman Photographic Co. Ltd., Boston. Several horse drawn c...

circa 1900

This is a chart showing the Nantucket Sound. 

circa 1900

Map of Newport, which is hand-colored. Hand written note on map's cover indicates that blue areas signal rivers, red probably signals roads, and green signals swamps. Published by Simon Hart. 

Mounted photograph of the Callender School on 11 Willow Street. The building was constructed in 1862-3 by the Long Wharf Trustees. The image shows the original building as it existed prior to renov...

Portrait photograph of William Bacheller. Subject is seated, wearing a corduroy suit with black necktie. He is wearing a pince-nez, and has a well coiffed mustache. 

Photograph shows William Bacheller seated in a wooden chair with patterned cloth cushion. He is engaged in reading. To the right of the subject is a large furnace, which spans the height of the ima...

Lantern slide
circa 1900

Lantern slide of the Old Stone Mill.

Waistcoat (garment)
circa 1900 – 1950

Cream colored Faille waistcoat. Two welt pockets on each side, for a total of four pockets. Four self-covered buttons down the front. Plain weave, coarser fabric on back. Lined with very tightly wo...

Black wool wedding suit once belonging to Cora Bryant Thayer. Includes jacket, silk blouse and skirt.

Broadside advertising a minstrel show at the Newport Opera House. Printed on paper in various typefaces, announcing a "Fireman's Benefit" that includes a minstrel show, several; musical acts and a ...

circa 1900 – 1930

A leather bag containing a collection of assorted collars. Manufacturers include Arrow and Welch, Margetson, and Co. Ltd. of London. Almost all collars are stamped to hand-labeled "HMC" or "H.M. ...

A starched women's linen jacket or shirt. Features leg-of-mutton sleeves with gathers at shoulder and cuffs, a one inch stand up collar, and gathering across twill tape at back. Front has panel dow...

An advertising card from Thomas J. King, D.D.S. of 194 Thames Street. Front of card features a woman in 1890s-style dress holding a rose. She is surrounded by an Art Nouveau border with stylized ...

2007.14 AB
apron (main garment)
circa 1900 – 1948

Ivory masonic apron and woven case. Apron is square with triangular overlay. Tie is linen fabric tape. Case is rectangular fabric with pink and green floral motif.

circa 1900

Shoulder cape in ecru and black. Made from linen cutwork with chantilly lace and jet. Made by Marshall & Snettmore, London.

circa 1900

Shoulder cape in balck velvet trimmed with beads, briad and chiffon. Made by Worth, Paris.

circa 1900

A postcard depicting a Newport Historical Society museum once located in the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. A 3 1/8" X 3" photograph on the front of the postcard includes a museum case, a fram...

circa 1900

A postcard depicting the interior of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House, then a museum of the Newport Historical Society. Objects in the photograph (postcard front) include a rifle, framed silho...

circa 1900

A postcard depicting the Newport Historical Society's museum when it was located in the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. The most prominently featured object in the photograph (postcard front) i...

circa 1900

A postcard depicting the Newport Historical Society's museum when it was located in the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. Caption on the front of the postcard reads: "A Corner of the Museum of th...

circa 1900

A postcard featuring a photograph of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. At the time the photograph was taken, the interior of the Meeting House functioned as a museum for the Newport Historical...

circa 1900

A postcard featuring an interior photograph of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. At the time of the photograph, the interior functioned as a museum for the Newport Historical Society. Objects ...

A perpetual calendar of 378 paper cards, each with an image and a text usually consisting of a saying or a prayer (one for each day of the year, one for each of the four seasons and also extra card...

Ladies' open-faced watch, ornamental case and sides are engraved with a flowing vine-like pattern. The center of the case contains a blank shield. Time is stopped at 1:26.

circa 1900

Pharmaceutical clear rectangular bottle with embossed letters on front. Pressed shape on bottom with embossed letters. Beveled edges. Embossed on front: 'J.R. Lorah & Co./ Newport'. Embossed on...

circa 1900

Head of stuffed linen. Eyes, brows, ears and mouth are embroidered. Nose is applied braided thread. Hair is black cloth. Body of stuffed cloth, separated at hips and knees. Arms have sewed fingers....

Toothache drops in a small clear glass bottle that once contained toothache medicine. Paper stuffed into neck, small metal balls in bottle. Labeled 'Toothache Drops/ Saturate A Little Cotton And Ap...

Pair of white leather dress boots with eleven white buttons up the sides, 1 1/2" heel, 9" high boot total.

circa 1900

Tan Broadcloth Tea Gown, front of dress and part of collar have floral pattern silk. Lace appliques on cuffs and collar. Fronts of Persian pattern silk.

White cotton short sleeve dress with eyelet floral design and floral embroidery throughout dress. High neck, crocheted lace with buttons in back. Crocheted lace throughout sleeves. Worn by Mrs. Pet...

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