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2007.14 AB
apron (main garment)
circa 1900 – 1948

Ivory masonic apron and woven case. Apron is square with triangular overlay. Tie is linen fabric tape. Case is rectangular fabric with pink and green floral motif.

White cotton child's apron bound with red. Made of fancy weave cotton.

White child's apron that has yellowed. Bound in red, made of linen. Same pattern as D103.

Pink calico child's apron with a crochet edge.

Baby's apron of white linen with narrow ruffle at sleeves, hem and front. A simple, shirt-style garment with four button-holes; buttons missing. Worn by the first child of Rebecca and Moses Barlow....

Child's long white apron. Short sleeved with tucks along the waist and some detail on the sleeves and bodice. Tie closure at back, open skirt. Ruffles down the sides of the skirt.

A leather apron painted with Masonic symbols, including a sun, a star with a hand and heart, a moon with stars, and scales. A half-circle fold at top depicts an eye and the letters "P" and "G." Apr...

Masonic masters apron made of white leather, trimmed and backed with blue silk. Blue silk ties to tie the apron around waist. B is a piece of royal purple silk ribbon. C is a piece of white silk ri...

Green, brown, and cream plaid Gingham.

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