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circa 1862

Pedestal-base table with round top; top is marquetry, with wood in geometric pattern of squares giving a trompe-l'oeil effect. Maker is attributed to "Cooper, Aboard the Ship Merlin", 1862.

Wooden box, inlaid with several types of wood, mother-of-pearl in a flower pattern. Center of top has inlaid mother-of-pearl oval. Four ivory legs. Tray inside of box has eight compartments, two h...

Mahogany tripod pedestal base, spiral-turned shaft; gothic influenced style; table has veneered, hinged lid; inside is fitted for storage of sewing materials; original Berlin-work pincushion; some ...

Ring, Napkin
circa 1850

Simple turned ivory scrimshaw napkin ring.

circa 1850

Whale's tooth inscribed "tooth of whale which stove Capt. Deblois ship". Ship's name was "Ann Alexander" Capt. Deblois and is family were residents of Newport.

circa 1850

Ivory whale's tooth mounted with pegs on ivory stand. Stand has scalloped edge with red wax in crease of edge, four ivory feet. Incised portrait of Mrs. Henrietta Deblois, wearing beads, a jacket, ...

circa 1850

Ivory whale's tooth, mounted on ivory stand. Stand has scalloped edge with red wax in crease, 3 ivory feet, 1 wooden foot (repair). Engraved portrait of a man (Mr. John Deblois) wearing a cravat, v...

Dish, Serving
1850 – 1870

Covered serving dish of Earthenware or pearlware with green monochrome transfer-printed design of flowers and decorative borders.

1850 – 1870

Large Earthenware, or pearlware, platter green monochrome transfer-printed design of flowers and decorative borders.

66.1.2 AB
Plate, Soup
1850 – 1870

Two Earthenware, or pearlware, soup plates with green monochrome transfer-printed design of flowers and decorative borders.

Five Earthenware or Pearlware dinner plates with green monochrome transfer-printed design of flowers and decorative borders. Part of a set including: #66.1.1 (a - e) through #66.1.4

Pin, Rolling
1850 – 1860

Rolling pin with center section made of wood. Handles are turned, made of ivory, pegged with wood at end of handle, attached to center with brass pins. Notes from Stuart Frank, November 4, 2009: ...

Knife Case
after 1850

Wooden knife box with two compartments, turned ivory handle, mounted with brass studs on center divider, sides and corners inlaid with ivory, four ivory feet.

Embroidery picture contained in original eglomise frame. Black and white, much in-painting in grey tones. Sarah Cookson Deblois ran a children's school c 1820-1835. She was baptized May 1, 1794, an...

Two monuments, a woman dressed in black, a church in the background, two crossed trees and a weeping willow tree. Ref: Richard Lebanon Bowen, "The Scott Family Needlework", Ri History, (Jan. 1943),...

Round ditty box, top and bottom are made of wood. Sides are whalebone fastened with brass studs. Stuart Frank 11/4/2009: shaker box; whale bone; wonderful condition; more decorative on top; has wr...

1800 – 1820

Salt-glazed stoneware teapot of Castleford-type; white body with relief decoration; molded leaf and fern pattern; body of pot divided into four panels; two panels contain classical figures in relie...

1800 – 1820

Salt-galzed stoneware teapot of Castleford-type; white body with relief decoration; classical motifs on front and back; oval cover slightly domed and a swan finial handle. Belonged to the Deblois F...

1800 – 1820

Castleford-type pitcher made of salt-galzed stoneware. Pitcher has white body with relief decoration; vertically divided into four panels with molded classical figures; horizontally divided into tw...

Miniature painting on Sarah Cookson Scott (1794-1835) facing front. Blue eyes, brown hair parted in the middle, wearing white blouse with lace at collar and cuffs, black shawl around shoulders, gol...

Miniature painting of Jane Deblois in three quarter pose. Blue eyes, brown hair, wearing white cap, tied with black ribbon, white scarf around neck, black dress. Black background.

Miniature painting of Stephen Deblois (1735-1805) with powdered hair, blue eyes, wearing white cravat tied around neck and dark brown jacket. Black background.

Porringer (dish)
1785 – 1812

Porringer with engraved initials: "ES"; rococo-style handle with eleven piercings. "ES" is for Edward Scott. See: collected papers of Richard Lebaron Bowen. Marked with "WH" on handle.

Dish, Baking
1785 – 1815

Deep dish with medallion on inside of dish with enclosed floral spray; two decorative bands, one at base of rim and one at the top; decoration in deep blue, gold and dark orange.

Bowl, Waste
1785 – 1815

Waste bowl for tea set. Medallion on front and back containing floral sprays; thin decorative bands around top edge inside and outside of bowl; decoration in deep blue, gold and orange.

circa 1769

Coconut mounted in silver. Silver mount was added by Newport Historical Society after accession in 1968. Carved inscription: "John Grimes aboard the Polly March 1769"

circa 1747

Tan silk breeches. Three large buttons down front, four small buttons at the bottom of each leg. Five buttonholes at back of pants. Belonged to Edward Scott, first librarian of Redwood Library 1747.

Geometric border, floral pattern at top and central panel of stylized flowers. Stitches: cross, satin, rice. Made with silk thread on linen. Central floral motifs relates to those on samplers by Sa...

Coat of Arms
circa 1608

Scott family coat of arms. Shows a condor (or griffon?) At top with poised talons; crest is surrounded by red, black &white plumes; made up primarily of crests found in family pedigree. Parchm...

Tree, Family
circa 1608

Scott family -- shows 9 generations and reads: "the pedigree of the most auntient (ancient?) And knightly family of the Scotts of Scottshall in the County of Kent with the several matches, issue an...

One table with contents which was made at sea by Captian John Scott DeBlois.

Scrimshaw ivory & coconut dipper with top of handle is turned and shaped, attached to carved, twisted whalebone, which is attached to carved ivory hand grasping a ring attached to a coconut she...

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