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Portrait of John Gidley, Jr. (1700-1744) in a three-quarter length portrait facing the right. His right hand is at his waist, while the left hand leans on an edge; dressed in a white blouse with fl...

1758 – 1802

Portrait painting of Rev. Gardiner Thurston. Half-length portrait, older man with white hair, white shirt with black vestment; right hand is holding a book. Subject was the Assistant Pastor of the ...

Relief work decoration "1758" mark in middle.

A leather-bound book handwritten by John Sherman, including detailed astrological tables and figures. Majority of pages record the departure of ships from Newport and the alignment of planets and o...

Straight-sided, leather fire bucket with leather strap. Painted black and gold on side: "No.2/F Brinley/1757" stitched at top and sides with linen cord. Bottom detached.

July 23 1756

Testimony of Thomas Richardson, Rhode Island's General Treasurer to Martin Howard, Justice of the Peace about his involvement in forfeited lands by Joseph Munro of Swansea. Munro is accused of coun...

Half-length portrait of Benjamin Ellery III (1725-1799) facing left; white collar, green vest with brown-gold design; pink-red jacket showing six round buttons. Subject is the son of William Ellery.

1756 – 1824

Silhouette of W.S.N. Allen (176-1824) facing left. Tan paper over black. Smudge makes nose appear elongated. Oval, battered, almost destroyed wood frame with metal front. Mr. Allen had a house on L...

1756 – 1830

Early Moravian pottery lamp, possibly made at pottery centers of bethabara and Winston-Salem, North Carolina between 1756-1830. Light red earthenware glazed with combination of brown, black, green ...

circa 1755

Five holes on top of inkwell; cast decoration along sides. "T*S July the 27 1755". Scratched into surface of bottom, transcribed 1980, illegible 1992: "ABE/NEWPORT/DATE/1876". No documentation with...

1755 – 1780

White pine, red cedar and chestnut four-drawer desk with slender ogee bracket feet; interior has block-front drawers with shell-carving; desk has sliding wooden locks in top drawer and sliding well...

Spoon, Eating
1755 – 1770

Spoon with engraved initials: "S*F" (original) and "NT" (added) in script; handle curves up; has mid-rib on front. "TA" enclosed in a square, "ARNOLD" enclosed in a rectangle.

1755 – 1756

Rococo style creamer. Scrolled handle, three cabriole legs, pear-shaped body. Ornate repoussee flowers and scrolls on body with chasing. Engraved initials: "MCP/US" on bottom. Several marks and ini...

Side Chair
1755 – 1785

Chippendale style mahogany side chair with upholstered slip seat; Marlborough legs, gothic-style splat. Belonged to Comm. Isaac Hull.

28.3.1 AB
1755 – 1785

Two Chippendale style mahogany chairs. Very plain, square back with pierced splat, Marlborough legs; upholstered over the rail with new light green material. Probably made in Newport. Donor was gre...

Tilt-Top Table
1755 – 1785

Mahogany table; tripod-based, tilt-top tea table; columnar shaft has spiral-turned base; birdcage at top of shaft; plain feet; top added. Probably made in Newport.

A drawing of an unknown elderly woman working with yarn. The woman is wearing a cap, ruffled collar, and spectacles. Paper appears to have been folded in six distinct sections; mounted on cardboard...

Handmade nail from Hathaway House in Portsmouth, RI.

Handmade nail from Hathaway House in Portsmouth, RI.

Handmade nail from Hathaway House in Portsmouth, RI.

Handmade nail from Hathaway House in Portsmouth, RI.

Handmade nail from Hathaway House in Portsmouth, RI.

Handmade nail from Hathaway House in Portsmouth, RI.

circa 1754

This map is a draught of Goat Island, only takes up half of the page. Drawn by Samuel Easton.

Sampler of silk thread on linen with multiple series of multicolored numbers and letters. Probably made in England or Philadelphia. Sampler in very good condition, especially considering its age.

Sampler signed and dated at the bottom center. The alphabet is sewn along the top with two phrases and the numbers 1-13 underneath. The bottom half of the sampler features two trees, several flower...

Agreement naming Joseph Clarke of Richmond the guardian in socage of Charles Ninnegret.

Order of the Cincinnatus insignia. Right-facing polychromed enamel eagle, attached to green and white ribbons with button attachment. Insignia was owned by George Champlin Mason, inherited by his s...

1752 – 1753

Coffee pot with inverted pear-shaped coffee pot with pedestal base, wooden handle (prob. walnut), with attaching lid. In rococo style. Engraved shield on front. A number of symbols including "JP" e...

Off white stays made with baleen. Coutil outside and coarse linen inside. Leather binding in eyelets for lacing. Tag with provenance sewn to PL front. Tag reads "Made by Miss Deborah Burke In 1752....

Bill of lading for the packet sloop "Richard" from the Samuel and William Vernon merchants for a sale of logwood and other sundries. It also itemizes related expenses such as wharf storage, brokera...

1751 – 1828

Coin silver spoon with marking on back consistent with Thomas Arnold (1734-1828). Engravings on the handle are present: a script monogram "CC" and the numeral 3.

circa 1750

Spoon with engraved initials: "SF"; shell on back of bowl; handle turns down; midrib on front. maker's mark is initials "TA"

Sarcophagus-type hood with two round brass finials, two quarter-round columns at rear of hood. Wooden fretwork backed with coarse cloth, arched pediment. Silvered dial with roman numerals, urn and ...

Full length portrait of Capatin Isaac Stelle (1714-1763). Facing left, standing with his right hand tucked inside his jacket at his waist and his left hand is perched on his hip. He is wearing a wh...

Portrait of Mrs. Isaac Stelle, nee Penelope Goodson is sitting outdoors; full-length portrait facing right; her left arm is touching her face. While her right is resting on her thigh holding a smal...

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