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Shingle Tile
before 1894

Piece of roof slate with 1 3/4" hole made by a hailstone in a storm on July 14, 1894; small hole to accommodate nail. Marked "10" on the underside.

November 21 1899

Deed entitled "Abstract of the Title of the Premises of the Devisees of Maria L. Travers deceased to a parcel of land on the corner of Narragansett Avenue, Ochre Point Avenue and Webster Street in ...

Short silver bookmark; dagger shape w/ daisy-type flower at top; red silk cord tassel; inscribed 'A.F.H Xmas '99'.

March 4 1898

Framed rules and by-laws of the George E. Vernon and Co., Mutual Relief Association. Received in a wood frame. In memory of Elizabeth Vernon Cottrell, Virginia Vernon King, Anne Vernon Brady. Simo...

15 Architectural drawings of Ridgemere located on LeRoy Avenue by Peabody and Stearns, entitled "House for Miss Foster" Blueprint copy from original, 1995.

D13 AB
circa 1898

Black moire silk, trimmed with net, jet "chantilly" lace. Bell skirt with lace flounce; separate waist high collar; bishop sleeves.

circa 1898

Red brick that was part of the Thompson Middle School, Broadway, Newport. The structure was demolished in 2001 to make way for new school building. See 'Newport Daily News' January 12, 2001 and jan...

Mounted shell fragment. Metal tag reads: "one pound shell from wreck of USS Maine."

Deluxe (souvenir) Edition of a theatre program advertising Maude Adams in the Little Minster. 16 pages of illustrations and short descriptions pertaining to scenes from the J.M. Barrie Play.

1898 – 1901

Hollow stalk with cut-out classical figures; gilded, molded relief decorations. Marked with "Wedgewood" and a diamond shaped symbol. Ref. "chats on old earthenware", Arthur Hayden; inside front...

Spanish spotting telescope with metal ends and wood center. Tag reads "Taken after surrender of Manilla Bay"

Metal postal scale. Flat square white scale plate resting on two legs; round paper face with metal indicator encased in metal and glass. Scale face and plate are attached to a black metal square wi...

circa 1896

Small handle with reousse flowers on both sides. Long stem with small rounded hook. Possibly belonged to Elizabeth Perry Howard.

circa 1896

Piece of wood (logwood) from brig "Water Witch" mounted on wood shelf. Wrecked March 20, 1896. News accounts of wreck attached.

circa 1895

Note from donor: A sample net sleeve of the style called "muskateer." Very popular in the gay 90s days.

Watercolor drawing: Lord and Burnham Co. Horticultural architects and builders, Irvington on Hudson, NY.

circa 1895

Cloak in purple broadcloth trimmed with balck broadcloth. Lined with white silk. "Worn at horseshow in Madison Square Garden in the gay nineties."

circa 1895

Childs white cotton dress open front dress with lace trim and a green silk ribbon that ties around the neck. Ruffles over the shoulder.

Small glass bottle, corked, paper label imprinted "Downing Brothers/Pharmacists/42 and 44 Broadway/Newport RI" in ink: "oil/lavender" contains some liquid.

1895 – 1905

Brown, watered grosgrain silk skirt. Trim is stitched bias bands.

D366 AB
1895 – 1905

Black chantilly lace evening dress, trimmed with velvet ribbons, beads, pailletts, jet.

1895 – 1964

Log book listing dates, names, and amounts paid by various guests of Pinard Cottages 1895-1907, one page from 1964; also newspaper clipping with article on Pinard Cottages.

Paperweight of rectangular clear glass weight with photograph of "Bathing Beach/ Newport, R. I.". Photo shows Easton's beach with bathers, cabanas, coaches and pavilion.

1895 – 1900

Souvenir mug; white ceramic mug with transfer design of Old Stone Mill and gold floral embellishment. Made in Germany for Whitfield Tuck Dry Goods Co., Newport. Maker's mark on bottom: T shield and...

1894 – 1903

Soft drink type, clear, embossed on one side, inside pressed circle, embossed number on bottom. Pressed embossed circle on front: 'D.W. Sheehan/ Bottler/ Newport, R.I.'. Under this: 'Registered'. E...

1894 – 1906

Champagne type, dark green bottle with letters on front. On front 'P. Faerber/ Newport/ R.I.'

1894 – 1906

Soft drink type, blue tinted bottle with embossed letters on front. On front embossed letters: 'P/ Faerber/ Newport, R.I./ Registered"

August 12 1893

Print engraving from weekly magazine. Summer sketches of Newport including Old Stone Mill, Casino, Cliff Walk, Purgatory Chasm

circa 1893

Portrait of William Rogers Morgan Children.Two of the sisters are holding hands. The center girl is facing left; the girl on left wearing white dress. A brother is sitting to the right abd wearing ...

Ivory gavel with silver band around middle of head with inscription; 2 silver rings around either end of head, ornate silver grip on handle. Inscription: "Presented To Melville Bull, Lieutenant Gov...

June 30 1892

Diploma awarded to Archibald Burnside Coggeshall for completing studies at the Coddington School. There is a seal for the city of Newport at the bottom, flanked by signatures from school officials....

1892 – 1937

Ledger of watchmaker and jeweler, Otto L. Ruecker. Also included is other information including detailed weather reports for 1928 - 1929. Cover has detached from binding. A letter from Emilie Rueck...

Folding fan, one side is balck and white, them other in color. Made of wood and paper. Souvenir fan "a Colon."

One copy of "Historical Sketch Shiloh Baptist Church, Newport, RI" by Rev. Henry N. Jeter.

Dish, Eating
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain heart shaped dish of scalloped and gadrooned sides; clear glaze outside; yellowish-cream glaze inside.

circa 1890

This is a map of the plan for Memorial Boulevard. It was designed to resemble Commonwealth Avenue in Boston for Governor Wetmore. Compiled by William Lawton.

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