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1685 – 1740

Spoon with "spurred trifid-end" handle; "fig-shaped" bowl. Engraved inscription added, prob. in late nineteenth century: "B.C. 1674." in shaded block letters, on back of handle.

Mantel is from house at Marlborough and Duke, built 1680ca, demolished 1923. See also #01.788 A, which is the architectural drawing of the mantel.

1675 – 1695

"Cromwellian" style side chair; maple baluster-turned front legs, rear stiles, and front stretcher; oak side stretchers; traces of original leather and brass tacks; original girt web and sacking, a...

Portrait of John Gidley Sr. (1886-1718). Three-quarter length portrait; standing facing front wearing a white blouse with hanging collar and a maroon-brown jacket; also has a gold-orange wrap aroun...

1660 – 1690

Pitkin-type, olive green glass bottle for wine or spirits, globular body with long neck, neck ring, slight kick, pontil mark.

63.2.1 AB
Spoon, Eating
1650 – 1800

Two spoons with square stems and round bowls. Symbol marked with "HK."

W 1974.33.1
17th century

Relief decoration; shield in center surrounded by letters; crown lion and unicorn on either side of shield; initials "E" and "R".

Title page from a New Testament bible, torn out and enclosed in glass. The bible was printed 1597. On reverse is a listing of towns in Rhode Island with population tabulations for whites, negroes, ...

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