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Photograph of Ted Turner at America's Cup in 1977, wearing a white sweater with the word "Courageous" on it and a blue hat. Water and some people can be seen out of focus in the background. The pho...

Photographic print
September 7 1976

Aerial image of the north end of the Cliff Walk, and its intersection with Memorial Boulevard. A portion of Easton's beach and the grounds of The Chandler.

Photographic print of a group of men standing in an open air kitchen, watching a cook in a white apron stir a large pot. 

Photograph of the Rogers High School Marching band performing at the 1973 centennial celebration for the school. 

Photographic print of the 1972 class at the Burnham-by-the-Sea summer school. The photograph shows students and teachers on the terrace of the property, arranged in rows. 

Photograph of an unidentified group of people, possibly Nan Gartenberg and family, posing with a dog next to a station wagon. 

Photograph of the Burnham-by-the-Sea estate, then a summer school. Two figures can be seen near the entrance to the property, waving at the photographer. 

Photograph of a young woman, possibly Nan Gartenberg, posing near the entry way of the Burnham-by-the-Sea estate, then a summer school. A woman in a white convertible is visible behind her. 

Photograph of a young woman, possibly Nan Gartenberg, seated under a tree at the Burnham-by-the-Sea summer school.

Photograph of construction work on Great Friends Meeting House, corner of Farewell and Marlborough.  

A profile of Trinity Churh, looking eastward down Church Street. 

A group of pedestrians overlook firemen extingushing flames on the top story of a building on Broadway. 

A side-view of the Francis Malbone house located on #392 Thames Street, located near Brewer Street.

An overlook of the city of Newport, taken from Calvert School on Broadway looking southwest. 

Man decends from the One Mile Corner trolley on Broadway.

Suited men overlook a group of workers tending to railroad lines on Broadway from Rhode Island Avenue, circa early 20th century. 

20th century

Black and white photograph depicting residential and commercial buildings on the east side of Thames Street in Newport, R.I. A stroller is on the sidewalk outside one of the buildings, and awning t...

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