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Undated photographic print depicting a bronze casting of Jean-Antoine Houdon's original statue of George Washington. The cast was produced by the Gorham Company in 1932 on behalf of the Redwood Lib...

Undated photograph by George Daniell. The photograph shows an unidentified beach, with waves breaking on the shore. 

Albumen studio portrait of Herbert Carr, date unknown. The portrait shows Mr. Carr wearing a buttoned suit jacket and tie. 

Albumen studio portrait of Richmond Carr, date unknown. Handwriting on verso of portrait lists Mr. Carr as "Father of Chas. Carr", and his address as Portsmouth Road. The portrait shows Mr. Carr se...

Photograph of an unidentified man and women. Both are seated, and appear to be in discussion. The man is wearing a suit jacket and bow tie, while the woman is wearing a dress with a large white bow...

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