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View of facade of Mid Cliff with stone and shingles covered in ivy. Mid Cliff was built in 1886 for Miss Caroline Ogden Jones with her half brother, Mr. Louis B. McCagg. Man in front mowing lawn.

after 1930

A linen-type color postcard depicting a view of the Cliff Walk from Belmont Beach. Swimmers and beachgoers are visible at foreground; four houses are visible in the background, including (left to r...

circa 1915

A color postcard depicting houses along the Cliff Walk near Belmont Beach. Caption reads: "View along Cliff Walk, Newport, R.I./showing Residences of C. Ogden Jones, J.R. Drexel and F. Pearson." ...

View of side and front facade of Mid Cliff with sweeping driveway in foreground and Cliff Walk in the background. Visible details on the residence are small diamond paned casement windows and the h...

Miss Caroline O. Jones's Villa "Mid Cliff" on Ruggles Avenue. View of grounds, back side of Mid Cliff anda  smaller structure to the left. Mid Cliff is a three story, shingled, Queen Ann cottage bu...

Souvenir folder with various color images of residences in Newport, R.I.

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