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October 16 1821

Letter written by Newport Gardner to "Sarah Burk to the care of Mrs. Gardner Ladd, Alexandria." In the letter, Gardner grieves for the recent loss of his wife, Limas, and grandson, Solomon. He reco...

circa 1821

This is a map of the land developed off of Tanner St (West Broadway). Mounted on wood. 

1821 – 1871

Nightstick made of wood w/ a hole near the top of the handle, evidently for a strap or cord for hanging it. It was used by William Henry Cranston (1821-1871), Mayor of Newport, 1857-1866.

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1820 – 1900

Small comb with crown-like carving.

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1820 – 1900

Small amber colored comb with filigree carving.

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1820 – 1900

Large mantilla style tortoiseshell comb, amber or blonde in color the comb features ornate filigree carving.

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1820 – 1890

Large plain band style tortoiseshell comb.

Comb (hair ornament)
circa 1820 – 1890

Plain band style tortoise shell comb.

Paper Money
1820 – 1840

Mount Hope Bank $2 remainder bank note, unsigned.

1820 – 1910

Glass wine decanter belonging to J.H Powel. Decanter has cut ornamentation with monogram JHP etched on body. Long slender neck, with a round body and pedestal foot. Presents no maker's mark.

1820 – 1850

Doll's head is papier-mache with a painted face, round blue eyes, hair is is coiffure with 2 brushed loops. Head is dated from 1830. Limbs are spoon hands, with yellow painted flat feet. Clothing i...

1820 – 1830

A is a pair of gold rimmed eyeglasses with oval lenses and a "C" bridge. Gold turnpin temple bars. B is a cardboard and leather maroon case with gold lettering. Lettering on case reads: "C. Brewer ...

1820 – 1830

Eyeglasses with small oval lenses and straight adjustable temple bars of metal, possibly a silver alloy. Marked on outside of left bar the number '28', on inside of right bar near hinge 'N. Olmsted'.

Textile depicting underwater flora, seaweed, and coral. The textile features a pink, teal and brown roller print on a tan ground.

Brown silk Quaker dress, long sleeves, lined with printed cotton and homespun linen. Apron front. Initials 'S.A.' up by collar.

1820 – 1840

Yellow sleeveless waistcoat with six bronze round buttons, three pockets.

1820 – 1840

Body of maple or fruitwood with brass ferrule on one end; six fingerholes; body diameter swells near embouchure; ferrule has two scored straight lines; one ferrule missing. Stamped faintly below em...

1820 – 1852

One of three coin silver teaspoons, monogrammed "DML". One of a set of three including #93.69.2; #93.69.3; #93.69.4. Maker's mark is box enclosing two leaves or petals, one on each side of the lett...

1820 – 1852

One of three coin silver teaspoons, monogrammed "DML". One of a set of three including #93.69.2; #93.69.3; #93.69.4. Maker's mark is box enclosing two leaves or petals, one on each side of the lett...

Spoon, Eating
1820 – 1840

Spoon with fiddle-back handle. Engraved initials: "ET/TO/SSW". "NICHOLS" and "WSN" enclosed in individual rectangles.

01.198 AB
1820 – 1840

Two teaspoons with engraved initials: "MA" in script on handle; "fiddle-back" shape with "coffin-end" handle. "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle on handle.

1820 – 1840

Rectangular shaped whalebone, inscribed in script: "du corset les liens sont rompus/voici l'inutile baleine/ou ses charmes sont en prison/(parny)" Notes from stuart frank's visit november 4, 2009: ...

1820 – 1840

Design in black ink on rectangular piece of whale bone; design has shield with rosettes, star, stripes, heart and geometric designs. Notes from Stuart Frank's visit November 4, 2009: Very clear; te...

1820 – 1840

Rectangular-shaped baleen inscribed with ship in full sail, flowers and geometric designs.

1820 – 1830

Five panels etched on rectangular-shaped baleen as scrimshaw busk. Tree and vase of flowers in top and bottom panels. Center has entwined hearts surrounded by vines and verse. "My dearest dear and/...

1820 – 1852

One of three coin silver teaspoons, monogrammed "DML". One of a set of three including #93.69.2; #93.69.3; #93.69.4. Maker's mark is box enclosing two leaves or petals, one on each side of the lett...

1819 – 1869

Silhouette of Sarah Allen Peckham (Mrs. Stanton Peckham, 1819-1869) of tan paper cut out over black paper of young girl; hair is drawn in; facing right, wearing a frilly collar; gold painted frame.

1817 – 1856

Four sets of double incised lines, one triple set of incised lines. Flared handle, spout has an overlip. Thumb piece is missing.

Bust-length portrait of Mrs. Simon Newton, subject turned to the right; brown eyes, short black hair which curls at ends; black dress trimmed with white lace around neckline. Also wearing a white s...

1815 – 1840

India muslin embroidered with pointed scallops and vine pattern with small french knots.

1815 – 1825

Mahogany rectangular drop-leaf table; each leaf is scalloped with rounded corners; four straight tapered legs; one drawer with bran knob and cock beading. Probably made in Newport, RI.

Sign, Traffic
1815 – 1873

Toll road sign from Smith Street, Providence. Gives rates of toll for a variety of horse-drawn vehicles and for animals. Sign is wood, painted grey with raised black lettering, framed with molding ...

This volume contains the meeting minutes and dealings of the African Humane Society (AHS), previously known as the African Union Society. The first discernibly dated entry is January 3, 1812, with ...

Oval bust portrait of Damaris Chase Allen (1859-1904) and Samuel Allen (1858-1901) as children, son and daughter of Samuel Allen (1829-1905) and Clarica Simons Allen (d. 1904). Left child has brown...

1810 – 1875

Cylindrical-shaped with pebbled surface.

80.3.31 AB
Spoon, Salt
1810 – 1830

Two flat-handled salt spoons with an oval bowl. Engraved initials "AT" (in script) referring to Abigail White Taylor (1786-1869). Both spoons are marked "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle.

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