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before 1833

Full length silhouette of woman (Sarah) facing right. Dressed in 19th century style with long dress, hair up in bun, holding a fan. Black on light paper, no frame. Written on back in pencil: "Befor...

Black profile silhouette of Mrs. Charles B. Weaver's head and shoulders facing left, wearing hat. Collar, top of hat and details on hat are penciled in. In oval brass frame. Mrs. Charles B. Weaver ...

Black profile silhouette of head and neck of Maud E. Weaver, facing left, collar and front of blouse drawn in pencil. Silhouette in oval brass frame with stand in back.

circa 1884

Unknown silhouette of man facing left, black on light brown. White collar turned up; hair drawn in, nose appears chipped off. Square wood frame, gold paint chipped and faded. On back: "Presented by...

Framed paper silhouettes of Mr. and Mrs. Hadwen. Inside frame is a newspaper clipping of John Hawden's obituary. The silhouettes are in reverse; they are cut outs on a black background.

Cut paper silhouette of flowering tree, bird perched on upper branch. Not mounted or framed. Made by Elizabeth Robinson in 1792.

Cut paper silhouette of bird in flight, carrying flower in its beak. Not mounted or framed. Made by Elizabeth Robinson in 1792.

Cut paper silhouette, flower motif with broad leaves, buds and flowers. Made by Elizabeth Robinson in 1792.

1779 – 1849

Silhouette of Daniel Coggeshall (1779-1849) facing right; hair in short ponytail, high collar with frilly front, dark coat. Tan paper on lighter backing. Dark wood frame. Marked on lower left corne...

1770 – 1848

Cut out silhouette of Nicholas Hassard (1770-1848), of light paper over darker cloth; facing right, with a high collar and hair standing up. Gold painted frame. Written across the bottom: "Nicholas...

1765 – 1856

Silhouette of Michele Felice Corne (1765-1856) sitting on a stool facing right; tan paper mounted on lighter paper. Wood frame painted gold. Michele Felice Corne written underneath. This is a fasci...

1763 – 1813

Silhouette of Elizabeth Arden (1763-1813) painted on glass, facing left. Hair is done up in a bun with some falling loose. Oval in a square frame: gold painted carved frame.

1756 – 1824

Silhouette of W.S.N. Allen (176-1824) facing left. Tan paper over black. Smudge makes nose appear elongated. Oval, battered, almost destroyed wood frame with metal front. Mr. Allen had a house on L...

Reverse silhouette cut out of tan paper on top of black paper, depicting the profile of a figure wearing a bonnet. Large.

Silhouette of woman, Ruth Williams, facing left in light colored paper. Not mounted or framed.

Framed paper silhouette of Ruth Williams, facing right. Appears to either be wearing a bonnet, or has hair in a bun.

Framed paper silhouette of Obediah Williams, facing left. Glass is cracked.

Full length silhouettes of unknown man and woman; man is facing right, wearing tall hat and medium length coat. Woman facing left, wearing long dress, lacy collar with brooch, long necklace holding...

Silhouette of William Ellery (1727-1820), face and hair, coat and frilly shirt drawn against light background; facing left. Rope frame tied in a bow at the top. Ellery was a signer of the Declarati...

Silhouettes of 4 children (2 holding books) in a room; 1 is holding a stick and pulling a toy horse. Rug, window and scenes outside are all drawn on paper. Heavy square wood frame. Attached tag rea...

Silhouette of unknown mane facing left, appears elderly. Black on light paper, square wood frame -- gold paint chipped and faded.

Unidentified silhouette of man facing left. Tan paper over black with collar penciled in. Wood frame, gold paint chipped and faded.

Unknown silhouette of man facing right; tan paper over black. Heavy square wooden frame.

Unknown silhouette of woman facing right, black paper over tan. High lace collar, white "pinstripes" through dress, cap on head. Square wood frame, gold paint chipped and faded. Written on card "ap...

Silhouette of a male facing right, wearing black hat, brown coat is sketched in. Light blue background, oval in square wood frame, faded copper colored paint. On back: "Old Man" -- Rogers High Scho...

Unknown silhouette of woman facing left. Hair is tied up in a knot; black on light blue background, chipped in middle. Round wooden frame, gold paint chipped and faded.

Black profile facing left of woman on light blue glass, gold stars painted in corners. Wood frame with faded gold paint. A*M*Y* Dennis in gold across bottom.

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