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Photographic print
September 2 1949

Photographic print of an unidentified lithograph of Kingscote, showing the exterior of the property and its surrounds.

Photographic print
September 1 1949

Photographic print of the interior of 328 Bellevue Avenue, also known as the Charles H. Baldwin House or 'Snug Harbor'. The photograph shows the main staircase and foyer on the first floor of the p...

Photographic print
August 23 1949

Photographic print of the morning room of Chateau-sur-mer.

Aerial photograph of Easton's Beach, circa 1940 

A profile of Governor Collin's house located on School Street. A sign hangs over the porch stating "Aquidneck Island Apartments". 

Photographic print
February 27 1947

Photographic print of a Rogers High School class, with a view of the classroom taken from behind the teacher's desk. 

Photographic print of the John Bliss house at 2 Wilbur Street, Newport, R.I. The photograph shows the interior of the house, included a bricked over fireplace, and a glassware cabinet in the corner...

Photograph of the house at 8 Coddington Street in Newport, RI. Also known as the Sheldon House, it was situated on the northwest corner of Coddington and Charles Streets. The house was demolished b...

Photographic print of the doorway and front stairs in the Pitt's Head Tavern, then located at 5 Charles Street. The structure has since been relocated to 77 Bridge Street. Photograph was captured d...

A picture of the Malhone House (St. Claire Home) from the view point of Thames Street. 

Photograph of a uniformed officer, leaning against the wall of a building. A sign above him reads "Automotive Lab C.A. School - Automotive Classroom."

Handwritten below the photograph i...

A photograph of twenty-four Newport, Rhode Island city officials. The group is in three rows (front row seated). There are twenty-three men and one female. The United States flag is hanging on the ...

Photograph of a dance, with uniformed men and women in attendance. 

Photograph of a dinner banquet, with uniformed men and women in attendance. Handwriting above the image reads "Newport Rhode Island."

Photograph of a woman receiving an injection from another woman in a medical bay. Medical supplies can be seen on the dresser in the background.  

Photograph of two men in aviation gear, posing in front of a military plane. The plane is painted with eyes, and a mouth with sharp teeth on its nose. 

Photograph of two uniformed women, posing in front of a car.

Photograph of four uniformed women, posing in a row in front of a painted winter scene. They all wear trench coats, black leather satchels, and stiff caps with metal insignia on the front. 

Photograph of a uniformed man and woman, posing in front of a car. "J.C." is handwritten under the photo.

Photograph of a group of men and women in swimsuits and towels at the beach.

Photograph of a group of men and women in fatigues, standing on a beach in front of a parked car.

Photograph of two uniformed personnel, standing on a beach.

Handwritten below the photograph, beneath the man on the left, is "Lee." Below the man on the right is "Ed."

Photographic print of damage wrought by the Hurricane of 1944. The image depicts an upturned tree next to the Old Stone Mill or Newport Tower in Touro Park. Children can be seen climbing the roots ...

Photograph of the millinery department at the Boston Store on Thames Street in Newport. Several women are shopping and trying on hats.

A profile of Trinity Churh, looking eastward down Church Street. 

A group of pedestrians overlook firemen extingushing flames on the top story of a building on Broadway. 

A side-view of the Francis Malbone house located on #392 Thames Street, located near Brewer Street.

An overlook of the city of Newport, taken from Calvert School on Broadway looking southwest. 

Man decends from the One Mile Corner trolley on Broadway.

Suited men overlook a group of workers tending to railroad lines on Broadway from Rhode Island Avenue, circa early 20th century. 

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