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before 1892

A stereograph depicting a view of Washington Square, looking west. The Brick Market is visible in the distance at right. Printed label on reverse reads: "Washington Square,/NEWPORT, R.I./PHOTOGRAPH...

1879 – 1892

Stereograph depicting the Newport Skating Rink (built 1879), Bellevue Avenue. A walkway bordered by plants is visible at foreground; rink has striped awnings, exposed timbers and a tower with a squ...

circa 1875

A stereograph depicting the grounds at Belair, home of the Norman Family located on Old Beach Road (earlier Buena Vista). Two pieces of twig furniture can be seen in the distance towards left. "Reg...

after 1871

A stereograph depicting the Theodore W. Phinney House (also called "Hilltop," later "Grosvenor House"), Ruggles Avenue. The Phinney House was constructed under the direction of Richard Morris Hunt,...

after 1870

A stereograph depicting Hypotenuse, Catherine Street. Hypotenuse was the home of Colonel George Waring (built by Richard Morris Hunt). Photographs by J.A. Williams (d. 1892). The house is bordered ...

Stereograph card of the interior of the Kay Chapel at 94 Kay Street. 

A stereograph depicting a view of Washington Street from the Newport waterfront. Visible houses include the John W. Bigelow House (far left), the Sanford-Covell House (center) and the Robinson Hous...

Undated stereograph of the Thomas Cushing house on Bellevue Ave. The stereograph was produced by J. A. Williams. 

Undated stereograph of 'F.L. Barreda's Villa', or Beaulieu, located at 615 Bellevue Ave. The sterograph was produced by E. & H.T. Anthony & Co. as part of a collection titled 'Newport and I...

Stereograph of Naples, Italy. "Sommer & Behles." 

Stereograph of San Giovanni Baptistery in Pisa, Italy. 

Stereograph of Pompeii, Italy. 

Stereograph of a statue in Naples, Italy. "San Severo Pudieizia." 

Stereograph of the Vatican, Italy. 

Stereograph of Lake Como. "Como, Veduta del porto." 

Stereograph of San Giovanni Baptistery in Pisa, Italy. 

Stereograph of a fountain at an unidentified location. 

Stereograph of Rome, Italy. "Sommer & Behles" "Tempio di Vesta (Roma)"

Stereograph of Naples, Italy. "Sommer & Behles" "Pozzuoli tempio di Serapale." 

Stereograph of Rome, Italy. 

Stereograph of Madeleine, Paris. 

Stereograph of Rome, Italy. 

Stereograph of Rome, Italy. Aerial view. 

Stereograph of Pisa, Italy. 

Stereograph of the Vatican. 

Stereograph of Florence, Italy. "Giacomo Brogi Firenze Fotografo Editore."

Stereograph of Naples, Italy. Aerial View. 

Stereograph of Rome, Italy. 

Stereograph of the Arch of Constantine. Rome, Italy. 

Stereograph of the leaning tower of Pisa. Pisa, Italy. 

Stereograph of Naples, Italy. "G. Sommer - Napoli."

Stereograph of Rome, Italy. "Sommer & Behles." 

Stereograph of unknown area in Italy. 

Stereograph of Villa Pallavicini Genoa, Italy.

Stereograph of Pompeii, Italy. 

Stereograph of Genoa, Italy. 

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