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Porringer with engraved initials in script on handle: "JMB". "NICHOLS" enclosed in a square on handle and bottom.

Porringer (dish)
1785 – 1812

Porringer with engraved initials: "ES"; rococo-style handle with eleven piercings. "ES" is for Edward Scott. See: collected papers of Richard Lebaron Bowen. Marked with "WH" on handle.

Porringer (dish)
1785 – 1800

Porringer with engraved initial in script on handle: "H". Rococo-style handle with eleven piercings. marked with "Arnold" on handle.

Porringer (dish)
1750 – 1775

Porringer with engraved initials: "RSAE" on handle. Marked with "JOTIS" enclosed in a rectangle on the bottom.

Porringer (dish)
1725 – 1773

Porringer with engraved initials "NEH" on handle; thirteen piercings on handle. Marked with "I: ANTHONY" enclosed in a rectangle on handle. "IA" on inside of bowl. In 1912, this porringer was owned...

1725 – 1771

Porringer with engraved initials: "HMB" on handle, and "MTB" on body; Rococo style handle with eleven piercings. Marked with "DR" on handle and body.

Porringer (dish)
1725 – 1775

Porringer with engraved inscription added: "B. Coggeshall" on handle; "rococo" style handle with eleven piercings. "DR" on body, "D" on handle, smaller mark. Loaned to Preservation Society April 26...

Porringer with engraved initials on handle: "B"/ "B*C" / "C*P", these appear to be added later in the 18th century; on side of porringer in script are the initials "MO"; handle is triangular-shaped...

Silver porringer, round bowl with pierced handle. On back of handle "S+V" enclosed in heart. Inscribed on front "IBS 1692 - date added about 1888". It originally belonged to Joseph and Susanna (Tur...

Porringer (dish)
1700 – 1750

Tin-glazed Earthenware ("delft") light blue glazed porringer with bright blue bands of decoration inside and on scalloped handle.

circa 1690

Porringer, silver, made by John Codington of Newport, ca. 1690. Battered, with broken handle. Found in an archeological site of 1692 earthquake at Port Royal, Jamaica. Maker's stamp repeated three ...

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