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September 3 1977

Bottom of an invitation on cardstock with light blue type. Details are handwritten on pre-printed lines, invitation to a Smorgasbord at Hammersmith Farm on Saturday, Sept. 3, 1977 at 7:30pm. 

White invitation with black type and raised state of Rhode Island seal at the top. Invitation to a reception in honor of America's Cup participants hosted by J. Joseph Garrahy, Governor of RI and H...

August 13 1977

White invitation with red type for the America's Cup Ball hosted by the New York Yacht Club and the Preservation Society of Newport County at Rosecliff on August 13, 1977. The inside of the invitat...

August 12 1977

White invitation with black type, raised seal of Australia at the top. Invitation to a reception for the America's Cup Trials hosted by the Australian ambassador at Marble House on Friday, August 1...

August 2 1977

Yellowed invitation with blue type, there are several pieces of tape on the top, slightly obscuring the first two lines of print. Invitation to a corrobboree and barbeque at the White Elephant host...

Ivory cardstock with navy type invitation.
Invitation to the International Tall Ships Ball, June 29, 1976 at 10:00. The event was hosted by The American Sail Training Association and the Newp...

An invitation from the Australian Ambassador for an America's Cup gathering at Chateau-sur-Mer, August 23, 1970. Invitation is addressed to C.P.B. Jeffreys. The Australian coat of arms is embossed ...

An invitation from the English Speaking Union to an "America's Cup Race Ball" at Chateau-sur-Mer, September 12, 1970. An illustration of the Cup, as well as French, American, and Australian flags, ...

Small cream colored invitation which reads, "Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dudley Auchincloss/request the honour of your presence/at the marriage of Mrs. Hugh Auchincloss' daughter/Jacqueline Lee Bouvier/to th...

September 24 1912

Rectangular invitation to the Seventh Annual Ball to benefit the Firemen's Relief Association in Newport, RI on September 24, 1912. The outside of the card features a color image of a horse drawn f...

An invitation addressed to John Austin Stevens Jr. for the opening ceremonies for the Brooklyn Bridge. The ceremonies took place on May 24, 1883 at 2pm. Printed by Tiffany and Co., the invitation f...

July 15 1882

Invitation to hear Oscar Wilde speak on "The Decorative Arts" at the Casino on July 15, 1882. Wilde spoke about "The practical application of the principles of the aesthetic theory to exterior and ...

September 13 1862

An invitation to James Birckhead to a public meeting in Newport, 1862.  The invitation, from Mayor William H. Cranston, states: "I invite you to attend a public meeting...for the purpose of adoptin...

Printed invitation to the wedding reception of Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline L. Bouvier.  Reception was held at Hammersmith Farm, located on Harrison Avenue in Newport.

December 19 1768

Invitation for "Miss Robinson" to attend the Newport Assembly on December 19, 1768 from William Wanton, Manager.

Undated invitation card with a drawing of Pitt's Head Tavern at 77 Bridge Street on the front face. The interior reads " We cordially invite you to an Open House in Pitt's Head Tavern 'As it is", h...

An invitation to an unknown event at Mrs. Caroline Astor's home, New York.  Text is both printed and handwritten, and reads: "Mrs. Astor/At Home,/Monday evening, January 8th/at ten o'clock/R.s.v.p....

An invitation to an unknown event at Harbour Court, Newport. Invitation reads: "Mrs. John Nicholas Brown/At Home/Saturday August the eighteenth/from four to six o'clock/Harbour Court".

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