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Commemorative pin for the Fete and Harbor Illumination in Newport, RI. Pin features a sailboat on the water.

July 13 1934

H.R.A. Anthony's commemorative ribbon and name tag from the dedication of the Rochambeau Monument. The typewritten name is in a gold frame. The front reads: "H.R.A. Anthony, Guest Dedication, Rocha...

Ribbon, Commemorative
September 15 1905

Blue satin ribbon with gold text that reads 'old home week, Sept. 10-16 1905 in Newport, RI'. Brass pin at top of ribbon reads 'Committee on Carnival'; round button fastened to center of ribbon wit...

Order Insignia
September 15 1905

Badge with blue ribbon about 6" long with gold colored fringe; round metal circle fastened to center of ribbon with tow pins contains a photo of the Old Stone Mill; gold colored metal fringe at bot...

92.52.1 AB
September 10 1905

Blue silk ribbon is attached to pin imprinted "Executive Committee". Ribbon is imprinted "Old Home/Week/Re-Union/Sept 10-16, 1905/Newport, RI". Rimmed with gold fringe on bottom. Attached medallion...

97.5.2 A-E
after 1896

Five enameled tin buttons with brass pins, each one illustrating one of the warships of the great white fleet. A: Philadelphia; b: Concord; c: Petrel/The White Squadron; D: Atlanta; and E: Cruiser ...

Delegate ribbon for the Central Labor Union of Newport, RI. Robbon is red, white and blue with a circular pin front of two hands shaking and featuring the mottos, "Labor Omnia Vincit" and "Justice ...

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