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A photograph depicting buildings along Long Wharf; signs reading "Beadleston & Woerz/Ales & Porter", "Junk Store", and "Wm. B. Groff/Boats to Let" are visible throughout. A pedestrian is wa...

A matted photograph depicting Long Wharf. A man wearing a bowler hat is walking on a sidewalk at right; a horse-drawn carriage is visible at center. Road appears to be covered in dirt; utility pole...

A matted photograph depicting houses along the southernmost portion of the Cliff Walk, including (from left to right) the Mary Bell Estate, Edgecliff, Gull Rock, and Reef Point. A narrow dock situa...

A matted photograph depicting Anglesea, a house located on Ruggles Avenue at the Cliff Walk. Label on reverse refers to the house as "Mrs Frederic Pearson's villa"; architectural features include a...

Comb, Hair
before 1870

Child's comb with a tortoise shell decoration. Comb is an 'Alice in Wonderland' style.

Wood box covered with animal skin, perhaps calfskin, held in place with nailed leather straps. There is a handle on the top of the box, and a locking clasp at the front. The interior of the box is ...

before 1846

Pencil sketch of Newport's town crier, John Allen. Man is using crutches and ringing a bell. Allen died June 6, 1846 at the age of 67.

before 1938

A black and white negative (Kodak "Safety" film) depicting the Easton's Beach roller coaster and a large billboard. Automobiles and a pile of wodd are visible at foreground; billboard reads as foll...

before 1916

A photograph depicting George H. Richardson, a long-time member of the staff of the Newport Historical Society. Richardson is pictured wearing a pinstripe suit with waitcoat and bow tie; he is most...

A stereograph image depicting the Aquidneck Hotel on Pelham Street.

Image was produced by Newport photographer Joshua A. Williams (d. 1892), whose printed label on reverse reads:

(a) 19th century brass spring lancet used for bloodletting. (b) Wooden case with latch for lancet.

before 1907

A postcard depicting the main house at Oakland Farm. Caption along bottom edge reads: "Oakland Farm, Alfred G. Vanderbilt's Residence, Portsmouth, R.I."

Shadow Box
before 1926

Showdow box with a three masted ship. The sails and wake created by the ship are three-dimensional, and strings with beads are used to represent ropes. Encasement is a wooden framed box painted bla...

Piece of black lace.

before 1932

Pencil sketch in brown of small structure next to a tree. A three mast ship sails in the background. Very loose pencil strokes with detail only depicted in the boat.

before 1907

A color postcard depicting the Oliver Hazard Perry Monument in Washington Square. A fountain and a flower bed are found at foreground; trees are visible throughout. The Levi Gale House is visible...

before 1907

A color postcard depicting Touro Park from Bellevue Avenue. The Matthew C. Perry Monument is visible at foreground; Channing Memorial Church, a gazebo, and the Old Stone Mill are visible in the ba...

before 1908

A color postcard depicting New York Yacht Club's Station 6, located on Newport Harbor. Neighboring wharves and buildings are visible at left. Reverse has printed text reading: "This side for addres...

before 1907

A photographic postcard depicting farmworkers and horses working in an open field at Oakland Farm, Portsmouth. Caption on image reads: "OAKLAND FARM PORTSMOUTH R.I. 1089".

before 1907

A postcard depicting the United Congregational Church, located on Spring Street.

golf ball
before 2008

Golf ball with three sets of images printed on the surface. "Pinnacle 3" appears twice and the insignia Newport National Golf Club.

A blue glass swizzle stick with a yellow ball at top. Along the stem reads, "New England Steamship Co. Serving All New England" and features a flag printed with "NE". Identical to 2006.13.3.

before 1949

A linen-type postcard of Fort Adams and its outbuildings, looking across Brenton Cove. A note to "Clifford Dubois II" from "Daddy" is written in pencil on reverse. Postcard is postmarked April 22, ...

before 1936

A linen-type postcard depicting a view from the Cliff Walk. Caption reads: "THE CLIFFS, ALONG THE CLIFF WALK, NEWPORT, R.I." The reverse has a handwritten message and is postmarked July 7, 1936.

before 1949

Linen-type postcard featuring the Seamen's Church Institute. Reverse has a handwritten note and is postmarked, April 28, 1949.

before 1950

A linen-type postcard of houses on the Cliff Walk near Belmont Beach. Featured are the homes of T.S. Taylor (Honeysuckle Lodge), C. Ogden Jones (Mid Cliff), and J.R. Drexel (Fairholme). The revers...

before 1952

A linen-type postcard of the Old Stone Mill in Touro Park; a house is visible in the background. Caption reads: "ANCIENT VIKING TOWER." The reverse has handwriting, a printed description, and a p...

before 1949

A linen-type postcard of Chetwode, the "Residence of John Jacob Astor." Reverse is postmarked April 28, 1949.

before 1906

Postcard featuring a view of the U.S. Naval Training Station from Newport Harbor. The date "Apr 12/06" is written in pen at top right.

before 1950

Purple souvenir book featuring photographs of Newport attractions. Title page reads, "Newport Rhode Island, Street Scenes, Principle Residences and Places of Interest". Published by David Rubin in ...

before 1907

A postcard depicting the United Congregational Church, located on Spring Street.

A navy blue wool U.S. Navy flat hat, probably owned by Alfred Bryan. Inside of hat has a leather sweatband, a black lining, and a brown diamond-shaped patch sewn to the crown. A label with the numb...

91.14.5 AB
before 1807

Pencil and watercolor drawing of hit of Sarah Obadiah, near New Bedford, MA. Supposedly done with aid of camera obscura. Front of the drawing reads, "Hut of Sarah Obadiah, an aged Indian. Near New ...

before 1915

A color postcard depticting The Reef, a large estate at Brenton Point. Caption reads: "C 1001 - 'The Reef', F.M. Davis' Residence, Newport, R.I."

before 1916

A photographic postcard depicting a man standing in front of a horse-drawn carriage labeled "H.F. COPELAND./TELEPHONE."

before 1970

A postcard depicting an aerial view of the ferry landing in Jamestown. Copyright John T. Hopf.

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