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Profile portrait, Dr. Roderick Terry, sitting at a table in library reading a book; magnifying glass on table; wearing glasses, dark suit, shirt and blue tie; bald on top of head, white hair, long ...

Coin commemorating the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Redwood Library.

A) is a rectangular shaped wooden box with a 1.25" hole in the top. B) is a drawer with a metal knob on one side of box, on opposite side is a flat wood handle. 32 clay balls, 2 amber colored non-c...

Portrait of Linda Marquand Terry (Mrs. Roderick Terry). Three-quarter portrait of subject in a light blue, green, and white gown. Gown is very full and collar appears to be stiff lace; short brown ...

Face of a woman with dark eyes, in small brooch-type frame.

Miss Carpenter, profile, features drawn in dark brown ink of woman wearing a cap. Gold colored oval frame.

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