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December 4 1994

Swanhurst Chorus performance for "Carols of the Season" with Joan Ceo (harpist) and the Swanhurst Chamber Orchestra.

May 1994

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for "The Historic French Presence in Newport." Poster features a large fleur de lis and swans.

April 19 1994

Poster advertising "Dancing for Dollars Dance Party for Scholarship '94!" Poster lists many music and dancing acts. Saucy Sylvia and Billy Weston are listed as MCs for the event, which intended to ...

Poster for an exhibition of Newport daguerreotypes from the Newport Historical Society in Pittsburgh, September 25 - October 17, 1992.

May 5 1991

Swanhurst Chorus poster for a performance, "Mozart Requiem," for May 5, 1991. The performance was held at St. George's Chapel in Middletown.

January 5 1991

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for a Twelfth Night Celebration featuring the Tale of the Firebird.

December 2 1990

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for a Christmas Concert, Sunday December 2, 1990.

Poster with image of Defender and Courageous from the 1983 America's Cup series. Image is surrounded with a double border of a solid green line and a solid blue line.

1935 – 1946

Poster: 3-color with half tone of clown (head and shoulders). Text: Gorman Bros. Circus featuring Poodles Hanneford and famous familymstar of screen and circus, Newport, RI

1935 – 1946

Poster advertising Gorman Bros. Circus. 3-color with half-tone photo of six people, 5 horses; people in formal costume, central figure (Hanneford) in raccoon coat. Text reads: Gorman Bros/Circus/fe...

1935 – 1946

Poster, 3-color on poster board advertising the Gorman Bros. Circus and Rodeo at Beattie park. Half-tone image of cowboy on horse, holding steer by tail.

June 8 1875

Black ink on white paper poster. Text on upper half of poster, in faded black ink, reads: 'old colony railroad/ friends'/ yearly meeting/ at/ Newport, RI./ Sunday, June 13, '75.' the lower half of ...

circa 1844

Picture depicts steamboat in black ink, "Election!" "The Steamer 'Iolas', w/Capt. B.F. Woolsey, will leave providence for Newport, on Monday afternoon, may 6 at 3 o'clock, and leave Newport at 5 1/...

Picture depicts a white steamboat, the "Curtis Peck" flying a red banner and blue shoreline in the distance. "Regular opposition line for New York via Providence and Newport. Leaving Providence fro...

Picture depicts steamboat in black ink. "For New York via Newport and Providence. Fare to New York $/- to Newport and Providence $ the new and splendid steamboat New Jersey w/Capt. R.H. Furey will ...

Picture depicts steamboat in black ink. "People's Line for New York (berths extra). Cabin passage $1.00...deck 75 cts. The new steamboat 'Charter Oak' w/Capt. Sanford will leave providence for New ...

Picture depicts a steamboat in blue ink. "Regular opposition line for New York from long wharf, Newport, cabin fare deck the new, commodious and fast sailing steamboat, 'Curtis Peck', Captain Willi...

Poster Picture in blue ink of steamboat. "For New York, the splendid steamboat 'Neptune', w/Capt. W. Rollins will leave Newport every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at about 8 o'clock p.m. Fare 7...

Depicts steamboat in red ink. "Independent opposition line for New York, via Providence and Newport - fare - cabin $100, deck 75 cts. The splendid steamer 'telegraph' w/Capt. William J. Wiswall. Th...

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