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A photograph depicting a side view of Chateau-sur-Mer. Photograph was taken for the Historic American Buildings Survey; copyright Library of Congress.

A photograph of a bathroom at Chateau-sur-Mer. Features include a bathtub, sink, and toilet and a white tile wall. Floor has a contrasting dark and light mosaic pattern. Photo was taken for the H...

A photograph of the interior of Chateau-sur-Mer. Features include an elaborate double staircase with painted bottom. Statuary is seen throughout. Photo was taken for the Historic American Buildi...

circa 1910

A blue-tinted postcard depicting the entrance facade of Chateau-sur-Mer. Caption reads:"Residence, Hon. G.P. Wetmore, Bellevue Ave., Newport, R.I."

A photograph of a round stone gate ("Moongate"), located on the grounds of Chateau-sur-Mer on Bellevue Avenue. The gate is made of rough hewn stone; its edges form a low stone wall. A metal gate ...

A photograph of a potted palm and landscaping at Chateau-sur-Mer, located on Bellevue Avenue. A large palm tree is planted in a square, wooden box at center. An undulating path can be seen at rig...

A photograph of Chateau-sur-Mer, a house located on Bellevue Avenue. Architectural features include a mansard roof, dormers, corbels, rough hewn stone, a large veranda supported by columns, and an...

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