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A matted photograph of Lime Rock Lighthouse; caption reads: "No. 250. 'Lime Rock Lighthouse' Ida Lewis Keeper." A small outbuilding and a fence are visible adjacent to the the lighthouse at left...

A matted photograph of Lime Rock Lighthouse and the surrounding harbor. A shed appears near the lighthouse at right. Caption at bottom right reads: "LIME ROCK LIGHTHOUSE HOME OF IDA LEWIS." James...

circa 1900

A postcard depicting the Newport Historical Society's museum when it was located in the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House. The most prominently featured object in the photograph (postcard front) i...

Black and white image of lighthouse keeper Ida Lewis in a rowboat near a rocky coastline. A dog is visible at center.

circa 1881

Silver cylindrical tea pot, domed, hinged lid with cast finial, repousse and chased over entire surface. Cartouche engraved with inscription. Inscription: "Presented to Miss Ida Lewis by the office...

Gold, circular medal. One side of the medal reads: 'Life saving medal of the first class/ United States of America' and depicts, in relief, three men in a boat saving a woman from drowning at sea. ...

Bible belonging to Ida Lewis. Printed by W.L. Richardson & Co. 1872 with paneled black and gold leather binding containing manuscript family records of Ida Lewis.

Silver commerative medal in an anchor shape.. Front reads, "Here I came to an anchor" and the back reads, "Sterling. A remembrance to Ida Lewis the saver of many lives.

Pulling Boat
circa 1869

Rowboat "Rescue," made by Thomas Stoddard, used by Ida Lewis. Oak boat with two sets of oars; two benches across middle and two sets of oarlock holders. Panel with criss-cross pattern at bow. Nauti...

A photograph of Ida Lewis seated on a rock neaxt to her rowboat, Rescue. Lewis is wearing a hat with a band reading "Rescue" and is holding an oar. Printed text on mat below photograph reads: "Ente...

A ticket for steamship passage issued by the Narragansett Steamship Company/Fall River Line to Ida Lewis. The ticket is designated as "Complimentary," and was valid through December 31, 1869.

Sheet music
1869 – 1911

Sheet music, "Respectfully dedicated to the Heroine of New Port Lime Rock, Miss Ida Lewis." The cover features an illustration of Ida Lewis standing with Lime Rock Lighthouse in the background, as ...

Four oars from the Ida Lewis boat "Rescue". Wood with metal tips.

Rowboat oarlocks from Ida Lewis' boat "Rescue".

A carte-de-visite depicting Ida Lewis holding an oar. Text below image reads: "Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year of our Lord 1869, by Manchester Brothers, in the Clerks Office of th...

Sun Compass
after 1869

Small sundial and compass in hinged wooden case. Belonged to Ida Lewis; acquired with other Ida Lewis memorabilia.

A photographic portrait depicting Ida Lewis, lighthousekeeper and rescuer. Ida is posed in profile and is standing near an upholstered chair.

sheet music
1854 – 1911

Sheet music, "to Miss Ida Lewis, Ida Lewis Mazurka" by E. Mack and published by Lee & Walker/722 chestnut St./ A&S Nordheimer Toronta Ca./ Wm. H. Boner & co. 1102 chestnut St./ Chas. W....

1842 – 1911

Ida Lewis' copper teakettle on warming stand.

Negative shows Ida Lewis, seated. She is wearing a floor-length checkered dress, and her hair is in a bun. She is petting a black dog that is seated on the floor to her left. Behind her is a model ...

Ring: gold band, center sapphire surrounded by eight blue/gray pearls. Two smaller sapphires flank the center stone and are each set next to a pearl. The ring is kept in an ivory box. Inscribed on ...

Thin, simple gold band.Tiny linear scores around the exterior circumference of the band.

Wooden model of 1920's Coast Guard Cutter, Ida Lewis, on wooden cradle. Scale 1:24; double-ended with center cockpit, bow and stern sections have rounded covers painted white; two masts stepped in...

Silver colored metal (tin) thimble with etched design. Owned by Ida Lewis.

Lithograph of Ida Lewis in a rowboat; brightly colored. Ida is wearing a bright orange skirt. Wood frame with carved leaf in each corner, white mat with thin blue line.

Sketch of "Interior Of Lime Rock Lighthouse--Ida Lewis At Home". Shows boats outside on water; man in chair; woman in chair sewing; Ida at door; small dog on the floor. Drawn in pastel colors.

Two wood deadeyes from Ida Lewis boat "Rescue". Both wood with metal rim surrounding; three holes.

A photograph of Lime Rock Lighthouse surrounded by ice. A sailboat is visible in the background. Note on reverse of photo reads: "H.B. Wood Photo from Scrapbooks Marked 'A.' "

A photograph depicting Lime Rock Lighthouse and surrounding coastal rocks. Caption on photograph reads: "LIME ROCK LIGHTHOUSE HOME OF IDA LEWIS."

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