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Brise Fan
19th century

Fan (A) with bright painted Chinese flowers and birds, 22 pierced ivory sticks, paper fields. The fan case (B) is made of paper, tubular, tan with green animals.

Brise Fan
1700 – 1780

Carved ivory fan with white ribbon comprised of twenty-one sticks. Marked with note: "Ivory fan brought by Gov. Wm H. Cooke from China, probably before the Revolution. He was the first Gov. of Rhod...

A hand fan made of cloth and wood, comprised of fifteen sticks. Painted images on surface of fan include birds, flowers, and foliage. Handle and sticks are decorated with wood carvings, and are pai...

Rounded feather fan with a carved ivory handle, fan is made of two kinds of white feathers with five pink flowers, white buds, green leaves and a bird all made of feathers. B: green paper box is sa...

A: A fan with a dark red wood handle and dark red sticks printed with a silver floral design. Fan is made of heavy red paper with a silver and gold floral design on its front and silver flecks on i...

Japanese folding fan with 30 bamboo sticks, paper fields, suggestion of scene, sunrise in woods over the sea.

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