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A stereograph depicting a view of Washington Square, looking west. The Brick Market is visible in the distance at right. Printed label on reverse reads: "Washington Square,/NEWPORT, R.I./PHOTOGRAPH...

A woman holding a scoreboard reading "Small Boat Journal Trophy/May 26, 1984/Miniature 12 Match Race Regatta." A boat at an unidentified wharf (Newport Harbor) is visible in the background.

A photograph of yachts under sail in Newport Harbor, most likely participating in the Silhouette Vodka 18-Foot North American Championships (see P9692). A large tank on the waterfront reads, "The N...

A photograph depicting Newport Mayor Humphery "Harp" Donnelly III (left) and an unindentified man (right) at the 1981 Silhouette Vodka 18-Foot North American Championships. The unidentified man is ...

Photograph of Merrillton Mansion on Bowery Street in Newport, R.I. The image shows the property flanked by an aged beech tree. 

Photograph of Wildacre, on Ocean Avenue, designed by Irving Gill in 1901 for Albert Olmstead, stepbrother of Frederick Law Olmsted. This image originally appeared in volume 53 issue 179 of the Jour...

Photograph of a beech tree at Vinland. This is one remaining beech tree of two, moved from Long Island to Newport by Miss Wolfe, whose estate, Vinland, later became the Twombly's and is now part of...

Photograph of a paper birch tree on the grounds of Merrillton in Newport, R.I. 

Photograph of Wildacre, an estate on Ocean Drive in Newport, R.I. The image shows a portion of the gardens, including a decorative pagoda statue, and a seating area shaded by a thatch umbrella. Thi...

Series of color photographs of Narragansett Avenue in Jamestown. Images depict houses and storefronts in the area, many of which are no longer present.

Photographic print
September 7 1976

Aerial image of the north end of the Cliff Walk, and its intersection with Memorial Boulevard. A portion of Easton's beach and the grounds of The Chandler.

Four women standing in front of a table with a cake. The writing on the cake reads "Mosaic Club 40th Birthday 1936-1976." Doris Bacheller is on the far right.

Photograph of the Rogers High School Marching band performing at the 1973 centennial celebration for the school. 

Photograph of construction work on Great Friends Meeting House, corner of Farewell and Marlborough.  

The James Gardner House being moved to 23 Bridge Street. House is placed on wooden planks. The relocation was a part of Operation Clapboard.

Photograph of the Kings Arms Tavern at 6 Cross Street under renovation. The house is viewed from the side, with scaffolding mounted along the back and side facades. 

Photograph of several houses along upper White Street. Photograph was captured by Thomas T. Benson as part of Operation Clapboard. 

A matted photograph depicting Bridge Street from Third Street, 1967. Railroad tracks are visible at foreground near an empty lot. The John Townsend House can be seen towards center next to a house ...

A picture of two men observing a sign. Posted on the board is an announcement of President Dwight D. Eisenhower Park dedication. 

Group photograph of the 30th anniversary gathering of the Mosaic Club at the Hotel Viking. Doris Bacheller is third up from the right.

Photographic print of the relocation of the Pitt's Head Tavern being relocated from moved from 5 Charles Street to Bridge street. The tavern is secured on the bed of truck, being observed by pedest...

Photographic print of an unidentified group of men receiving trophies at the Newport Casino for a tennis tournament. 

Photographic print Richard Sheffield (right) with two nurses and an unidentified individual at the Newport Hospital on Broadway. 

Photographic print
September 1960

Photographic print of damage wrought by the Hurricane of 1960. The image depicts an upturned tree adjacent to an unidentified house. 

Photographic print of an unidentified house being relocated via truck in Newport, R.I. The windows of the first story are boarded up, while the windows of the second story are shattered. 

Undated photograph of Mrs. Jacqueline Lee Kennedy and Mrs. Nuala O'Donnell, spouses to Mr. John F. Kennedy and Mr. Claiborne Pell respectively. 

Photographic print of the Casino on Bellevue Avenue. The image depicts a vacant storefront at the corner of Bellevue and Memorial Boulevard west. 'For rent' and 'help wanted' signs are posted in th...

Color photograph of a boy, wearing a graduation gown and mortarboard hat. He is standing in a garden. 

Color photograph of a young girl. She is in the living room of a house, in the process of unwrapping a present. She is in a leotard costume, with a white bow tie and stockings.

Photographic print
August 29 1957

Photographic print of the headquarters of the City of Newport Fire Department at 21 West Marlborough Street. 

Photograph of the 50th reunion of Rogers High School class of 1907, which took place at the Hotel Viking. 

Photograph by Marie F. Smith of 'Redmund building' at 343-345 Thames Street. Image shows a portion of the storefront, with an advertisement for Narragansett beer, as well as a side view of the prop...

A plastic comb bound photograph album. Album contains snapshots of houses on Spring Street, and each snapshot has a typed paragraph of information about the house. Houses include:
30 Spring S...

Photographic print of the Casino Restaurant fire of 1955. Image depicts firemen spraying water through the window of the property. Several other fireman are on the roof of the adjacent building. 

A photograph of a group picnicking around a wooden table on the grounds of the Great Friends Meeting House. Image is associated with a series of photographs depicting activities at the "Old Rec".
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