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Piece of drapery from the catafalque from President Lincoln's funeral. Beige-gold color pouch-like piece.

97.1.10 B
April 1865

Silver wire and wood tassel from the drapery of the catafalque upon which the remains of President Lincoln were carried from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois, April 1865; silver wire woven...

paper money
January 10 1865

A one-dollar banknote produced for the Rhode Island Union Bank. Note is printed with images of allegorical figures standing near an American flag, and an eagle below below text reading "INCORPORATE...

A silk two-piece ensemble, including a bishop sleeved bodice and matching skirt. Fabris has a black and pink stripe woven pattern, with a red unblalanced plain weave waistband and a 6.5" black pane...

A silk dress with bell sleeves and button closures down center front. Made of a gray, black, and ivory plaid fabric with blue panels at sleeve ends and bodice/center front. Blue panels are bordered...

circa 1865

White cotton sheeting nightgown. Machine edging, simulating tatting. Machine stitching. pearl buttons. Same as D345 and D346.

circa 1865

White cotton sheeting nightgown. Hamburg edging; machine stitching. Opens top to bottom with pearl buttons. 3/4 length.

circa 1865

White, cotton nightgown. Edging of woven dimity. Striped simulating pleating. China buttons, top to bottom, 3/4 length. Handmade.

circa 1865

White and black check taffeta coat with no waist or skirt.

Skirt, Hoop
circa 1865

Round, child's hoop skirt.

circa 1865

Long white infant's petticoat made from nainsook. Wide waistband made of linen. Trimming is made of fine machine tucks.

circa 1865

Long white, infant's dress made of nainsook. Low neck and short sleeves. Drawstrings and apron strings at waist. Machine stitching.

White infant's dress, possibly a nightdress. Made from white, cotton fancy cloth. Severely plain, drawstring if bibbinet at neck and waist. Machine stitching.

circa 1865

Black velvet boy's vest, trimmed with black braid. Silver buttons with thistle.

circa 1865

Boy's dress in plaid. Made of poplin bound with black velvet.

circa 1865

Boy's dress made of red taffeta. Trimmed with black tassels and black beads. Fastens in front under diagonal trimming.

D76 GH
circa 1865

Wedding stockings of fine silk. Elaborate openwork and embroidery. Design over instep.

D76 DE
circa 1865

Wedding slippers in white satin. Low heels with square toe, rosettes and elastic over instep.

circa 1865

White shawl with lavender border, gray figure in the ground. Made from voile, border and narrow stripe of silk.

D76 F
circa 1865

Wedding handkerchief of white fine linen and lace. Rounded corners, wide border of lace and embroidery.

circa 1865 – 1875

Bottle green, silk bodice. High neck with long sleeves. Large and strong. Skirt is missing.

circa 1865

Green petticoat in cambric or silicia, pleats at waist.

circa 1865

Brown ribbed silk dress with belt and pockets. Buttons run from nick to hem, but are only functional from the neck to midrift. Possible Negligee dress?

circa 1865

Brown and gray plaid silk taffeta Negligee dress, Possible morning dress. Front of dress is plain brown, back is plaid. Buttons run from the nick to mid-length, pockets, slight train in back.

D179 AB
circa 1865

Gray suede gloves stitched with black, 2 shoe buttons. Made by Mrs. Charles Addison Mann in Washington, DC when gloves were hard to obtain.

Skirt and bodice of deep cream colored ribbed silk. Gored skirt, ripped off waistband. Bodice has white chenile fringe and has tails (similar to a mans coat with tails), chiffon trim around collar....

D76 C
Fan, Brisé
circa 1865

Brisee fan in deep cream made from ivory and silk. Pieced ivory silks with feather-shaped heads of cream tatt; spangled. Fancy tassel.

circa 1865

"Frozen Charlotte" doll with a glazed china head with blue eyes with red line. Body is all china. The clothes are a tucked dimity dress; of shoulder petticoat. Possible made in Germany.

circa 1865

Portrait of Governor Charles Collins Van Zandt (1830-1894). Half-length protrait facing right; sitting in red chair holding a piece of paper in his left hand. The right fist rests on the arm of the...

Black and white drawing depicts the steamboat "Newport". A buoy floats in the corner of the picture and a small sailing ship sails off the bow. At the right reads: "Newport: Built 1865 at Greenpoin...

circa 1865

Boat model of passenger vessel, "Bristol". White model steamboat has 2 decks with railings. 2 large black chimneys on top of boat, with a smaller chimney on each side. In center on side is an oran...

Olive-green colored flask with tapered body covered with leather. Cover has one continuous seam around all sides. A loop on each side, a loop on the bottom. Marked with "A" and "N 122".

A photographic portrait depicting Ida Lewis, lighthousekeeper and rescuer. Ida is posed in profile and is standing near an upholstered chair.

circa 1865 – 1900

A stereograph depicting one of the Cliff Cottages ("Cliff Villas)." The featured house has a clapboarded exterior with a porch and numerous woodworked details, including corbels, moldings, and latt...

A carte-de-visite depicting Miss Anna Dayton.

A carte-de-visite depicting Madame de Bassiere. De Bassiere wears a dress with a wide skirt, wide bells sleeves, undersleeves, a button front, and beaded details at the shoulder and waist. The dr...

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