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(a) 19th century brass spring lancet used for bloodletting. (b) Wooden case with latch for lancet.

Portrait of Robert B. Cranston, half-length protrait; he wears a black coat with gold buttons, a frilly white shirt, and a black cravat. He has reddish brown hair with large sideburns, and brown ey...

August 15 1850

Off-white ribbon with black border and seal of 'Fraternal Union/ Our Security/ Boston, August 15, 1850'; ribbon remembering Gen. Zachary Taylor.

A City of Newport tax receipt written to Thomas Goddard, 1850. Receipt totals $3.30, and is signed by Oliver Read. Receipt was found in a drawer inside desk attributed to the Goddard family (01.269...

circa 1850

This is a photocopy of a map of Newport. There are four sheets of the map taped together. There is a photo of the State House just under the title of the map, and it is published by W.H. Peck. The ...

circa 1850

This map is a copy of Des Barres chart of Newport. It is a black map with white lines and writing. Multiple sheets stored in a white folder. 

circa 1850

This is a mounted map which shows the downtown streets of Newport, including Thames, Spring and Broadway.  

circa 1850

This map shows major points of interest and streets in the downtown Newport area. From Wilbur family, circa 1850. 

circa 1850

Wire frame hat, pale blue chiffon with dense netting overlay. The hat features two pointed projections at it's front.

D233 AB
circa 1850

Both pieces are squares of fine white cotton. One end has been embroidered in cutwork. One of a pair of cuffs but not cut out. Attached tag on A 'Needlework, cuffs, mid 19th cent, D233A'. Attached ...

circa 1850

Light brown women's dress with tiny scoll leaf pattern in white. Long sleeved dress with white netted collar. Hook and eye closures along the back of the bodice. Skirt is partially detached from bo...

Small silver sugar bowl (2017.035.001 A) with two handles. It has a simple border design around top edge and center. It is stamped "nickel silver/1231" on the bottom. Lid with flower pattern on han...

Brown satin faille wedding dress. Dress was worn in 1887 by Mary C. Foster. Dress has hook and eye closures down the front and snap closures on the front on the skirt.

Set of seven dental tools including a tooth key and pliers. The handles are made of either a very smooth, pale wood or ivory.

Stainless steel printing plate featuring a portrait of Reverend Samuel Adlam. The front has an engraved portrait of an old man with shoulder-length hair. The back of the plate has an inscription: "...

Thick stoneware jug with no lip to spout and applied handle. Nearly straight sides tapen to form narrow spout. Salt glaze with Albany slip on inside. Blue letters on side opposite handle reading "G...

circa 1850

A brown straw hat with a flat crown, a black grosgrain ribbon band, and 2.5" brim. Brim is bound with black grosgrain ribbon, and is bordered by a steel wire around its edge. Interior has a brown l...

top hat
circa 1850 – 1870

A black top hat associated with T.C. Mumford of Newport, Rhode Island. Hat is made of silk plush, and is banded with a black grosgrain ribbon. Interior is lined with paper, and has a light brown le...

Green and black plaid silk, material of skirt

D234 A
circa 1850

White muslin pattern marked but not worked. Probably designed for a chemisette.

circa 1850

Waistcoat with green stripe. Brocaded figure with yellow silk back. Shawl collar, 1 buckle, 1 tape.

Child's dress in white fancy rique.

Gray moreen infant shoes. Lace over ankles.

White muslin undersleeved with 10 inch wrist and .75 inch ruffle. Deep embroidered ruffle and wrist band.

circa 1850

Drauge and white scarf or sash. Tie-dyed silk. Brought over from California around 1850. The style of tie dye produces very small raised spots.

circa 1850

Folding parasol frame; made of gray silk. Silk cover, carved ivory handle, whalebone spokes, design of silk fits shape of parasol. Spokes covered with silk; handle wnds in dragon.

circa 1850

Black hat with slightly bell crown at 7 inches. slightly curly brim. 3/8 inch ribbon.

Fan, Brisé
circa 1850

Brise natural wood fan with red ribbon. Pierced and studded with spangles.

circa 1850

White muslin collar. Round in shape with elaborate embroidery.

D153 AB
circa 1850

Two white matching pieces of shaped ruffle, probably last worn as cuffs or ruching at neck. Not identical in size.

circa 1850

Embroidered white chemisette; collar scalloped in points.

circa 1850

Straw colored bodice made of ribbed silk.

Doll Cradle
circa 1850

Mahogany doll cradle; dove-tail construction; curvilinear design on sides of bonnet. Handwritten sticker on underside of cradle reads: "This cradle was made by my great grandfather Thomas Goddard, ...

Ditty Bag
circa 1850

White cotton drawstring bag with black ink text and motifs of fruit, birds and musical instruments. Bag is in poor condition. The name 'Dorcas Brown' is written on it. Text on bag reads:' Friendshi...

circa 1850

Oval shaped paisley shawl of vivid hues of reds, oranges, blues, purple, greens, etc., decorative trim made of squares of different colors each with an embroidered flower in the center, all squares...

Two piece secretary, top (b), bottom (a). Bottom of desk contains three drawers, bottom two drawers have two knobs each. Drawer above these two drawers does not have knobs. Drop-front desk above th...

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