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Off-white tile with black drawing of Trinity Church in Newport, R.I. Three quarters of the front is a drawing of Trinity Church from the outside, labelled. The top left quarter of the tile shows th...

Square ceramic tiles with various illustrations of Trinity Church. White tile with red illustrations: 2 pen sketches of trinity church and the organ. Marked with "Minton China Works, Stoke-On-Trent...

March 30 1800

The Right Rev. P. George Berkley, S.T.P. Late Lord Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland.

Engraving of George Berkeley, noted philosopher and Bishop of Cloyne. Title below print reads: "The Right Reverend George Berkeley, S.T.P./Late Lord Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland." Image depicts Berk...

Keyboard for organ. Single keyboard in oak console. Natural keys are of wood with thin strip of ebony on top. Sharp keys are made of one strip of dark wood sandwiched between two layers of ivory. T...

Postcard with black and white ink drawing of Trinity Church in Newport, RI. Dividing line, place for stamp and postcard are handwritten on the back side in ballpoint pen.

Set of three decorative tiles in a frame. The tiles various aspects of Trinity Church in Newport, R.I. The first tile highlights the chandelier and the old church lane. The second tile shows the or...

A postcard depicting Whitehall, once the home of Dean George Berkeley in Middletown, Rhode Island. Features of the house include a clapboard exterior, a central chimney, and a large door surrounded...

Front view of Whitehall near Newport; formerly the residence of Dean Berkley and given by him to Yale Cottage. Drawn by A.A. Harwood

Wooden block stamp with an image of Bishop Berkeley on a metal plate.

Wooden door latch with twine rope mounted on wooden plaque on brown velvet. Attached tag reads, "Latch from the house of Dean Berkeley, Middletown, RI".

A photograph of the front doorway at Whitehall, Middletown. Features include a wide pediment supported by two pilasters with Ionic capitals. A flagpole is affixed to the center of the pediment. ...

A photograph depiciting Whitehall in Middletown, Rhode Island. Whitehall was once the home of Dean George Berkeley (later Bishop Berkeley). Photograph possibly taken by William K. Covell.

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