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before 1880

Upper frame only from street lamp. Glass missing; no pole or ladder support. This lamp was probably from a street corner, as it has a slot on each side for a street name plate.

November 6 1880

Piece of steamer "Rhode Island", wrecked on Bonnet Pt., RI, on the morning of Nov. 6, 1880. Light colored wood with carving on top.

August 28 1880

Lithograph published in Harper's Weekly on August 28, 1880, showing the Newport Casino, as drawn by C. Graham. The scene depicted shows a number of horse drawn carriages with drivers, carrying pass...

August 10 1880

A carte-de-visite depicting William Paul Morris as a young boy; he is seen wearing a coat and a small bow tie. Image has tinting at cheeks and lines drawn for hair.

July 8 1880

Diploma of Jeanette Hawes Swasey, Rogers High School Class of 1880. Diploma reads: "This is to certify that Jeanette Hawes Swasey/has honorably completed the prescribed studies/of the Classical cou...

Undated photographic print of firemen associated with the Mill Street Fire Station (Fire station 1), located at 25 Mill Street, Newport, Rhode Island. The photograph shows the fire engine, or steam...

Undated photographic print of Market Square in Newport. The image shows horse-drawn carriages proceeding along the street, with a police station visible in the background. A portion of a sign adver...

Photographic print of a negative originally captured circa 1880, showing an aerial view of the West Broadway neighborhood. The image shows a property, now 10 Equality Park West, on the corner of Go...

Photographic print of Washington Square, taken looking west towards the Brick Market. The image shows the cobblestone streets that run along Washington Square park, which predates the erection of t...

Undated photographic print Bridge Street, captured from Washington Street. The image shows a number of residential properties, and a store front with a sign for a "sample room."

Photograph of the Swinburne House on Ann Street. The house has a gambrel roof and wooden shutters on the windows. A horse drawn carriage stored adjacent to it. 

Copy photograph of Easton's Beach, showing groups of men and women strolling on the sands. Several horse drawn carriages can be seen in the background. Original photograph was likely captured circa...

Photographic print of a parade in Washington Square. Several formations of men in uniform are advancing down the street, one carrying the American flag, followed by a formation of men in white bere...

Photograph shows a view of Washington Square, with the Colony House visible in the background. The Parade is paved with cobblestones, and a number of horse drawn carts are visible in along the edge...

circa 1880

This map shows the city of Newport, including summer residences and principal places of interest. City is split into sections. Map is ripped into sections, and is missing a large piece of the right...

circa 1880

Map of the city of Newport including principle points of interests, compiled by A.L. Bodwell. 

Home on Church Street, formerly Brenton House. A woman, Miss Rebecca Hunter, stands in the doorway. Streetlamp is visible in the foreground. 

Steel hoops with cotton tapes. 4 partial hoops and 12 complete hoops. Bottom two hoops sewn together to create reinforced hem. 5 hoops missing from center that appear to have been deliberately remo...

Steel bustle with cotton tapes. 20 hoops. First 5 hoops are not complete circles. 5 tapes. Hoops secured to tapes with brass like rivets. Waist secured with buckle at front. See Metropolitan Museum...

White baby's christening gown. White, pinstriped fabric with embroidered, tiered section in the center. Scalloped edging around neckline, sleeves and hemline. Button closure down the back. Made by ...

circa 1880 – 1915

Black and white photomechanical print produced by the Mercury Publishing Company, Newport. Shows Touro Street, Opera House, Perry House, Statue of Oliver Hazard Perry, and Washington Square.

Box, Pantry
circa 1880

Round wooden box, metal handle with wooden grip. Painted in black on front "B&G", written in pencil on the side, "GW Sherman".

2010.14.2 AB
shoes (footwear)
circa 1880 – 1920

A pair of light blue women's silk dress shoes, made by T.M. Seabury of Newport, RI. The shoes were once owned by Elizabeth H.J.B. Robinson. The silk is machine stitched to a leather interior. Soles...

2010.14.1 AB
shoes (footwear)
circa 1880 – 1920

A pair of women's ivory silk dress shoes, made by T.M. Seabury of Newport, RI. The shoes were once owned by Elizabeth H.J.B. Robinson. Features include a leather sole with a reinforced curved heel ...

Black gabardine mantle. Fringe, bias silk bands, lace.

circa 1880

Lady's small sailor hat made of fancy straw with pale blue ribbon.

Watercolor depicting the interior of Miss Ellen Townsend's home in Newport. 

65.1.1 A-D
circa 1880

Four covered demicups with saucers decorated with rust and gold figures with black linework.

Wood croquet balls, each with two stripes. Each ball has its own distinct stripe colors. The colors are: red, green, yellow and white.

Four wooden croquet mallets with painted stripes, stripes colors include: red, green and blue. Mallet heads have incised lines, mallet handle tapers toward head.

Sephia toned photo of Dr. David King II's library at his residence on Bellevue or Catherine Street. Photograph is a copy of an original image.

Three photos: 1 - photograph, Newport Harbor Feb. 12, 1934 1 - photograph, group of men and women seated wearing badges (possibly Irish Race Convention) 1 - photograph, four men posing in front of ...

A photograph of several houses on Poplar Street.

A cabinet card depicting an older woman wearing a cap and a shawl. She is seated on a wooden chair near a house with clapboards and latticework.

A cabinet card depicting a man wearing a coat, a waistcoat, a shirt, and a bow tie.

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