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1990 – 2000

Minimally processed collection of photographic material including: 2 photographs, one features Eileen Slocum, and another with Nuala Pell 91 slides of portraits of various Newporters and Rose Isla...

A woman holding a scoreboard reading "Small Boat Journal Trophy/May 26, 1984/Miniature 12 Match Race Regatta." A boat at an unidentified wharf (Newport Harbor) is visible in the background.

A photograph of yachts under sail in Newport Harbor, most likely participating in the Silhouette Vodka 18-Foot North American Championships (see P9692). A large tank on the waterfront reads, "The N...

A photograph depicting Newport Mayor Humphery "Harp" Donnelly III (left) and an unindentified man (right) at the 1981 Silhouette Vodka 18-Foot North American Championships. The unidentified man is ...

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