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December 16 1978

Newport Daily News negative of bandmaster Philip Pelletier directing the Thompson Junior High School band and chorus on the stairs of the Colony House during a Christmas Pageant. The photograph app...

6 architectural drawings of the Burnett Residence on Poplar Street.

Print, Photographic
February 10 1978

A photograph depicting a bulldozer removing snow on Bellevue Avenue after the Blizzard of 1978. Handwritten caption reads: "Friday morning Feb 10-78/[illegible] Hoctor dumping snow on west side of...

A photograph depicting a plow moving up an unidentified snow-covered street after the Blizzard of 1978.

A photograph depicting a snow-covered Ayrault Street after the Blizzard of 1978. Caption at bottom reads "AYRAULT 2/78".

A photograph depicting a woman and a man with a shopping cart exiting the U.S. Navy Commissary Store after the Blizzard of 1978.

A photograph depicting Brewer Street looking towards Thames Street after the Blizzard of 1978.

Image from "The Betsy" - actress reading Lawrence Olivier book.

A photograph depicting a man cross-country skiing down an unidentified street. A dog is following directly behind him; houses are visible at right.

A photograph depicting snow removal at the Brick Market Place shopping center on Thames Street. The Brick Market building is visible in the background.

A photograph depicting police examining a snow-covered car after a snowstorm.

A photograph depicting Broadway at Marlborough Street after a snowstorm. A man can be seen shoveling at foreground, while pedestrians walk on the sidewalk in the background. Two business location...

A photograph depicting children playing on a snow-covered street after a snowstorm. A woman is seen at foreground holding a shovel. Handwritten text reads "Photo by CP."

Photograph that is part of black and white photo essay depicting the restoration of the Chinese Tea House at Marble House. The essay is entitled "Newport's Chinese Tea House: Before and after-a st...

A black and white photograph depicting vandalism and destruction at the Chinese Tea House. Damage due to the Hurricane of 1954 and subsequent vandalism left the Tea House in a state of disrepair t...

A color postcard depicting the Pell family outside in Newport, 1978. The postcard was sent as Christmas correspondence, and is signed by Nuala and Senator Claiborne Pell. Most likey taken at the Pe...

A photograph depicting an aerial view of a snow-covered highway in Rehoboth. Stranded cars, as well as plows, are visible.

A photograph depicting firemen shoveling snow near Cardines Field in January 1978. The firemen are seen shoveling around a fire hydrant; a fire engine is parked on Marlborough Street. The Marlborou...

Business Card
1970 – 1978

Oversized pink business card for the Romance of Arielle, a vintage clothing store located on DeBlois Street, off Bellevue. This card advertises mending done by hand.

Business Card
1970 – 1978

Small blue business card for the Romance of Arielle, a vintage clothing store located on DeBlois Street, off Bellevue.

Replica of the Old Stone Mill made of periwinkle shells of assorted sizes glued to a plaster base and shellacked.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Black and white reflective sign angled in at bottom, reads "Stop Pay Toll". From the Newport Bridge,

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Road sign reading "Speed Limit 40". From the Newport Bridge.

1969 – 1992

Orange and white stripped toll gate, tapered.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Metal rectangular sign with Newport Bridge logo and arrow to direct traffic. Black, blue and white road sign. Referred to as trail markers.

Toll basket from Newport bridge. Semicircular plastic basket with hole at bottom to allow token to fall into machine.

circa 1960 – 1991

Scrapbook possibly compiled by Elaine Lorillard. Items were not adhered to the pages, but interleaved between. Items were removed from the scrapbook and cataloged separately. The scrapbook was disp...

Print, Photographic
circa 1950 – 2000

An aerial photograph depicting Hopedene (built 1899-1902) and its grounds. The house is comprised of dormers, balustrades, a brick exterior, square and arched windows with shutters, and a half-circ...

Black and white photograph of Louis Lorillard and Pierrepont Johnson leaning against a handrail.

1950 – 1999

Fourty brass Mt. Hope bridge tokens wrapped in a white paper roll. One side of token reads 'one fare passenger car or motorcycle'. The other side of token reads 'Mt. Hope Bridge Division', an ancho...

1950 – 1980

Many pencils, imprinted with names of various Newport businesses. Distributed as advertising by merchants in the city. Also one from Coggeshall family reunion 1982, and some campaign give-aways.

Five photographs pertaining to the Eisenstaedt photo, Kissing Sailor in Times Square, 1945. Two photographs are reporioductions of the famous photo, oversized. A third photograph is of George Mendo...

Photograph album compiled by Wilfred Warren, containing photograph and copy photos relating to the Torpedo Station. Photographs include notable individuals, ships doing maneuvers, and aerial photog...

20th century

Beer stein featuring images of three landmarks of Newport, RI: Forty Steps, The Old Stone Mill, and the Breakers. The background of the stein is almond with each image raised and accented with brow...

A profile of Trinity Churh, looking eastward down Church Street. 

A group of pedestrians overlook firemen extingushing flames on the top story of a building on Broadway. 

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