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A photograph depicting an aerial view of the Cliff Walk. Visible structures in the photograph include the Marble House, Chinese Tea House, and Beechwood. Almy Pond is visible in the background. ...

December 23 1977

Newport Daily News negative of participants in a reenactment of Samuel Freebody's Turtle Frolic, raising their glasses in a Christmas Eve toast. The photograph appeared in the December 24, 1977 iss...

Photograph of two rows of housing.

September 3 1977

Bottom of an invitation on cardstock with light blue type. Details are handwritten on pre-printed lines, invitation to a Smorgasbord at Hammersmith Farm on Saturday, Sept. 3, 1977 at 7:30pm. 

White invitation with black type and raised state of Rhode Island seal at the top. Invitation to a reception in honor of America's Cup participants hosted by J. Joseph Garrahy, Governor of RI and H...

Off-white card with black type. Card reads, "Please present this card for admittance/to/Reception/August 21, 1977."

August 13 1977

White invitation with red type for the America's Cup Ball hosted by the New York Yacht Club and the Preservation Society of Newport County at Rosecliff on August 13, 1977. The inside of the invitat...

August 13 1977

Ticket for entrance to the America's Cup Ball hosted by The New York Yacht Club and the Preservation Society of Newport County at Rosecliff on August 13, 1977. The invitation is a white background ...

August 12 1977

White invitation with black type, raised seal of Australia at the top. Invitation to a reception for the America's Cup Trials hosted by the Australian ambassador at Marble House on Friday, August 1...

August 2 1977

Yellowed invitation with blue type, there are several pieces of tape on the top, slightly obscuring the first two lines of print. Invitation to a corrobboree and barbeque at the White Elephant host...

Image from "The Betsy" at Rosecliff.

Image from "The Betsy" filmed at Glen Manor - outside in the driveway.

Image from the filming of "The Betsy" at Glen Manor. The photograph shows a member of the tech team with shirt that reads 'Cine Mobile."

Image from "The Betsy" at Glen Manor House, showing two actors from the film.

Image from the filming of "The Betsy" at Rosecliff - man at buffet table with an open vest.

Image of Lawrence Olivier in "The Betsy." The film was shot at Rosecliff.

This map is an annotated visitor's guide to Newport. Features many local advertisements as well.

Photograph of Ted Turner at America's Cup in 1977, wearing a white sweater with the word "Courageous" on it and a blue hat. Water and some people can be seen out of focus in the background. The pho...

Flier for "The Swedish Challenge: America's Cup" in 1977. White background with a simple, abstract blue line drawing of a boat with the number 12. Beneath the boat reads "The Swedish Challenge/Amer...

Square coaster with rounded corners advertising for Gay Soft Drinks. Off-white background with blue text and image. Logo and image of a refreshing soda in the center surrounded by text. Top reads "...

Ember 80 proof vodka bottle. Bottled for Kusinitz Liquor Store 25 Bliss Road, Newport Ri. 4/5 Quart. Label on front continues to sides of bottle. Proof of quality label at back of bottle. Red label...

Depicts USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7 at sea; blue water, gray sky, wood frame.

Photograph of Newport harbor, looking towards the Claiborne Pell bridge, where the water has been frozen over. 

Photograph that is part of black and white photo essay depicting the restoration of the Chinese Tea House at Marble House. The essay is entitled "Newport's Chinese Tea House: Before and after-a st...

Business Card
1970 – 1978

Oversized pink business card for the Romance of Arielle, a vintage clothing store located on DeBlois Street, off Bellevue. This card advertises mending done by hand.

Business Card
1970 – 1978

Small blue business card for the Romance of Arielle, a vintage clothing store located on DeBlois Street, off Bellevue.

Replica of the Old Stone Mill made of periwinkle shells of assorted sizes glued to a plaster base and shellacked.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Black and white reflective sign angled in at bottom, reads "Stop Pay Toll". From the Newport Bridge,

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Road sign reading "Speed Limit 40". From the Newport Bridge.

1969 – 1992

Orange and white stripped toll gate, tapered.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Metal rectangular sign with Newport Bridge logo and arrow to direct traffic. Black, blue and white road sign. Referred to as trail markers.

Toll basket from Newport bridge. Semicircular plastic basket with hole at bottom to allow token to fall into machine.

circa 1960 – 1991

Scrapbook possibly compiled by Elaine Lorillard. Items were not adhered to the pages, but interleaved between. Items were removed from the scrapbook and cataloged separately. The scrapbook was disp...

Print, Photographic
circa 1950 – 2000

An aerial photograph depicting Hopedene (built 1899-1902) and its grounds. The house is comprised of dormers, balustrades, a brick exterior, square and arched windows with shutters, and a half-circ...

Black and white photograph of Louis Lorillard and Pierrepont Johnson leaning against a handrail.

1950 – 1999

Fourty brass Mt. Hope bridge tokens wrapped in a white paper roll. One side of token reads 'one fare passenger car or motorcycle'. The other side of token reads 'Mt. Hope Bridge Division', an ancho...

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