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1898 – 1901

Hollow stalk with cut-out classical figures; gilded, molded relief decorations. Marked with "Wedgewood" and a diamond shaped symbol. Ref. "chats on old earthenware", Arthur Hayden; inside front...

Dish, Candy
1881 – 1939

Coalport porcelain candy basket of clear glaze; gilded handle and rim; lobed fluted sides; glaze crazed.

circa 1862

Soft-paste porcelain tea cup and saucer with white body with gold monogram of letter "n" with a crown above it on outside of cup and center of saucer; thin gold band around handle edges and also ar...

1800 – 1835

Grey Stoneware (Jasperware) teapot with applied white floral band around center of pot and around edge of cover; finial of draped classical woman.

Oval porcelain platter with scalloped edge; polychrome bird and flower decoration. Entire bottom is orange-clay colored, hot glazed. Part of a set including: #74.2.1 and #74.2.5

Four porcelain plates with polychrome bird and flower decoration; scalloped rim. Part of a set including: #74.2.1 and #74.2.5

Picture depicts two ships battling broadside of each other. One flies the American flag. Two gold stripes painted around picture, which is set against black background. Wood frame is painted brown-...

Picture depicts two ships at half sail. One ship flies a long red banner at the top of its mainmast. Two gold stripes painted around the picture, which is set against black background. Wooden fra...

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